Classic Malaya offers a unique and exotic range of products based on the traditional crafts of Malaysia and Indonesia. These include items hand-woven from 'mengkuang/pandan' leaves - commonly called screw palm or screw pine, this is a natural fibre that is used for weaving and thatching in communities throughout Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.  Our products also include designs using batik - the uniquely Malay textile produced by hand-printing with wax upon a fabric and featuring delicate floral motifs, intricate geometrical patterns and strikingly rich hues and colours. Our range include:
Our unique range of products feature the exotic beauty of the centuries-old traditional crafts of Southeast Asia, while incoporating contemporary colour schemes, designs and motifs for the modern consumer. Our screw palm lef-based products in particular provide an important source of income to over 50 traditional  weavers in rural communities on the east coast of Malaysia, all women, making use of a sustainably harvested and plentiful natural resource of the country's coastal ecosystems.