Ancient jetty at Sungai Batu Complex, Bujang Valley, Kedah
By Iklil Izzati Zakaria, Mokhtar Saidin, Jeffrey Abdullah, Universiti Sains Malaysia
The archaeological project in Sungai Batu discovered more than 90 mounds  (sites) that may contain monumental archaeological findings. SB2B and SB2D are two of those  sites unearthed nearby ancient  river which connected to the Sungai Batu riverine network. The findings in those two sites include brick  structure  with possible floor  features, potsherds, beads, stone tools and  iron  slags. Based on the radiocarbon dating on  charcoal sample, the site dated from the 5th CE. These sites might have been a remnant of an ancient  jetty  used to load and unload trade
commodities that may include iron ores. These sites can be used as an evidence of the existence of an upriver-downriver economical interaction.  The discovery of these two river jetties may affirm the complexity of the Site of Sungai Batu not only  as a centre for religious and production activities, but also the exchange of commodity, namely the iron based trade. This paper discusses the result of preliminary research done on those two sites, in terms of forms and its functions, and  relation to the history of Sungai Batu.

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