Papers from the 8th annual meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (1998)
Edited by Mark Alves, Paul Sidwell and David Gil
Pacific Linguistics, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University
- Notes on Thanh-Chuong Vietnamese in Ngh-an Province
- Nominal auxiliaries in Lai
- Lexical decomposition and locative predicates in Bonggi
- Fusion and alignment: the case of Malay
- Reduplication In The M’nong Language 
- Prosody and the segmentation of Malay discourse 
- Toward reconstruction of demonstratives in Proto-Austronesian 
- Grammaticalization of deverbal markers: toward a cross-linguistic study in the semantic extension of motion verbs 
- Morphological structure of Malay: using psycholinguistic analyses of rated familiarity 
- The direction of monosyllabicity in Raglai
- Topic selection and organization and discourse strategies in Malay news in four countries
- Wh- interrogatives in the Malay classical text of Sulalatus Salatin
- Malay lexicalized items in Penang Peranakan Hokkien
- A unified analysis of some Vietnamese reduplication forms
- The emergence of ‘give’ passives in East and Southeast Asian languages

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