Crawfurd's 1822 'Malay of Champa'
By  Graham Thurgood, California State University
In 1822 John  Crawfurd, a medical doctor and  British civil servant, published as a column in the  appendix of a book  an 81-item wordlist with the  heading  Malay of  Champa , a designation  that is essentially geographical.  The  existence  of the  list  immediately brings up  several basic questions:   What  language is  it?  That  is, if it is Chamic,  precisely which Chamic language is it? Once the language is  identified, what can we learn from examining the wordlist? That is, what reliable information does it give us about that  language in  1822? In  addition,  there are a number of minor  queries about how to interpret Crawfurd s transcription.

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