The Evolving Identities of the Malays as the Result of Neo Colonisation
by Fouzia Hassan Abdullah, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Presented  at  the  SoLLs.INTEC.09  International  Conference  on  ‘Language  and  Culture:  Creating  and  Fostering Global Communities’,  May  2009,  organized  by  the  School  of  Language  Studies  and  Linguistics,  Faculty  of  Social  Sciences  and Humanities, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Recently, the emergence of the keris to symbolise the Malay psyche and spirit during the UMNO assemblies on several occasions had caused a major uproar from the other ethnic races in Malaysia. There are some who viewed that the keris symbolises violence. Statements had to be made in assurance on the concerns about the keris, which had been a bone of contention among many non-Malays. Recent development of unease regarding the unsheathing of the wavy dagger, that was kissed to symbolise Malay sovereignty during the UMNO assembly ceremonies was misconstrued and the symbolism and significance of the keris had been misinterpreted by several quarters.
In not understanding the Malay psyche and culture, the sceptics view the keris as a symbol of hostility and combat. Other then the keris, other issues such as the evolving forms of the Malays, their culture and language that has undergone drastic changes due to the globalisation process is discussed. The result of a new form of ‘New World Order’ through ‘Neo-Colonialism’ has also changed the make-up of many ethnic races and nations, unifying them in a uniformity that makes nation states more friendly to the West ( Zeenath Kausar. 2007:35) and the adoption of western ideologies (Frantz Fanon: 1967, 1974), framework and trappings. The study will discuss these issues through the works of selected Malaysian writers and thoughts of renowned Malaysian individuals.          
Fouzia Hassan Abdullah is a Masters of Philosophy candidate, from the Centre of Language and Linguistics, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanity at UKM, Bangi under the programme of English Language Studies. She is multi-disciplined in the fields of Pure Science, Interior Design and Architecture, The Teaching of Arts and Crafts and Language and Linguistics. 

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