A 14th Century Malay Manuscript from Kerinci
When Petrus Voorhoeve visited the Sumatran regency of Kerinci in April, and
again in July 1941, he transliterated a large number of manuscripts written on buffalo
and goat horn, as well as on bamboo internodes inscribed with the Kerinci surat
incung script.2 Other manuscripts, including those on paper, tree bark, bark paper
(daluang), and palm leaf (lontar) were photographed and later transliterated3.
Voorhoeve sent the complete list of some 200 transliterated Kerinci manuscripts to
the Netherlands, Batavia, and Kerinci, but due to the Japanese invasion apparently
none of the documents reached its destination. It was only discovered in 1975 that the
copy sent to Kerinci had indeed arrived and subsequently survived both war and
revolution (Watson 1976). A copy of this document, entitled Tambo Kerinci, is
currently in the library of the KITLV (Voorhoeve [1941]).

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