Vol. XXII Part I March 1949
Title Page
Notes on Ancient Times in Malaya (4 & 5) by Dato Sir Roland Braddell 1-24
Takuapa and its Tamil Inscription by Prof Nilakantra Sastri 25-30
Raffles and the Massacre at Palembang by C E Wurtzburg 38-52
The Siamese Wars with Malacca during the Reign of Muzaffar Shah by G E Marrison 61-66
Malay Festivals and some Aspects of Malay Religious Life by Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad 94-106
The Arabs and the Eastern Trade by J A E Morley 143-175
The Ligor Inscription 176-177
The Malay Annals Again by R O Winstedt 178-179

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