Sri and Sedana and Sita and Rama: Myths of Fertility and Generation
By Robert Wessing, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Asian Folklore  Studies, Volume 49,  1990: 235-257 
In the Indo-Malaysian  archipelago,  the  area  comprising  the  islands  of Indonesia and Malaysia, including  southern Thailand (BELLWOOD 1985, I), two  sets of mythologies are found that, while ostensibly dealing with
rather  different  matters,  have  several  important  elements  in  common. These  mythologies  are  the  Rama-type  state  mythologies  on the  one hand and the Sri-oriented agricultural ones on the other.  In this paper I will  discuss  these  two mythologies, showing  the  common elements, followed by  a discussion  in which  I will point  out some wider  patterns in which  they may be placed.

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