Title Page
Notes on Ancient Times in Malaya by Roland Braddell (Part 2) 1-19
The First Malay Vocabulary by A W Hamilton 20-25
Malay Cannon by G C Wooley 35-34
The Various Significations of the Malay Word Sejok by Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad 41-44
An Unusual Keris Majapahit by Abu Bakar bin Pawanchee 45-47
Two Brunei Charms translated by G T MacBryan and Mohd Yusoff Shibli 48-59
The Malay Keris: its Origin and Development by G C Wooley 60-103
A Note on Sai by W Linehan 104
The Sources of the Shellabeat Text of the Malay Annals by W Linehan 105-106
Notes on the Texts of the Malay Annals 107-116
The Kings of 14th Century Singapore 117-127
The Prince of Chini 128-136
The Old Church on the Malacca Hill by R Cardon - Addenda and Corrigenda 203

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