LIBRARY GENERAL A collection of treaties, engagements and sanads relating to India and neighbouring countries A defence of the United company of merchants of England, trading to the East-Indies A Directory for the Navigation of the Indian Archipelago, China and Japan A Dissertation on the Soil & Agriculture of the British Settlement of Penang, Or Prince of Wales Island, in the Straits of Malacca: A Gazetteer of the Territories Under the Government of the East-India A Geographical Account of Countries Round the Bay of Bengal, 1669 to 1679 (including Queda and Achin) A Letter of Instructions from the East India Company to its Agent A Malay Pastoral A Malayan Prison A Muslim Archipelago: Islam and Politics in Southeast Asia A new directory for the East-Indies A new nautical directory for the East-India and China navigation A record of the Buddhist religion as practised in India and the Malay archipelago A short account of the Prince of Wales's Island, or Pulo Peenang, in the East Indies A Short Account of the Settlement, Produce, and Commerce of Prince of Wales Island A Short History of English Transactions in the East-Indies A Short Sketch of The Lives of Francis and William Light A sketch of the island of Borneo A Visit to the Indian Archipelago, in H.M. Ship Mæander About Perak Achin Piracy Address to my Malay krees Addresses etc. presented to Mr. Raffles, on the occasion of his departure from Java Albuquerque the Conqueror: Goa and Malacca Also and Perhaps - Sir Frank Swettenham An account of the Malay "Chiri" : a Sanskrit formula An authentick account of the different coins in the East Indies An exposition of relations of the British government with the Sultan and the state of Palembang An impartial vindication of the English East-India-Company An Introduction to Indonesian Historiography Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Vol I Champa Ancient Indian Colonies in the Far East, Vol II Suvarnadvipa Ancient Indian Colonization In South East Asia Annals of the Honorable East-India Company Antiquarian, architectural, and landscape illustrations of the History of Java At Amboyna against the English there Authentic History of the Malay Pirates of the Indian Ocean Battle of the Potomac with the Malays Borneo revelations : a series of letters on the Sereban & Sakarran Dyaks, and the Rajah Brooke British Posessions in the East (Whitaker's Almanac, 1894) British trade in certain colonies Cases heard and determined in Her Majesty's Supreme court of the Straits Settlements, 1808-1884. Catalogue of Malay manuscripts and manuscripts relating to the Malay language in the Bodleian library Chandi Borodudur Christian Researches in Asia - The Malays Chronological List of the Laws of Perak, 1877-1903 Chu-fan-chi: Chau Ju-Kua and his work on the Chinese and Arab trade in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries Colonial Essays Considerations on Colonial Policy with relation to the East India Company's Charter Cruise of the United States Frigate Potomac De tabakscultuur op Sumatra's oostkust Defence of the Gospel against Malayan Mohameddans Destruction of the Resistance, 1798 Discoveries, navigations, and conquests of the Portuguese in India from 1505 to 1559 Early English Adventurers in The East Egypt, Burma and British Malaysia Embassy to the Eastern Courts of Cochin-China, Siam, and Muscat European settlements in the Far East; Events Prior to British Ascendancy & Notes on Perak History François Valentijn's oud en nieuw Oost-Indien Further India; being the story of exploration from the earliest times in Burma, Malaya, Siam and Gedenkwaerdig bedryf der Nederlandsche Oost-Indische maetschappye, Great pirate stories Greater India Handbook to map of Fu-Chien Heroes of exile by Hugh Clifford Hikayat Abdullah Hindu Colonies in the Far East Historiale ende ware beschrijvinghe vande reyse des admiraels Cornelis Matelief de Jonghe Historical Inscriptions Of Southern India Historical tombstones of Malacca, mostly of Portuguese origin, with the inscriptions in detail History of the Indian navy. (1613-1863) How Britannia Came to Rule the Waves, Chapter XVIII In court & kampong; being tales & sketches of native life in the Malay In Malay forests In rubber lands: an account of the work of the church in Malaya India and Java Indian shipping: A history of the sea-borne trade and maritime activity from the earliest times Introductory Sketch [of the Three Malay Schools of Law] Islam in Southeast Asia - A Study for Christians Jaddi the Malay Pirate Johan Nieuhofs Gedenkweerdige Brasiliaense zee- en lant- reize Johol, Inas, Ulu Muar, Jempul, Gunong, Pasir and Terachi; their history and constitution Journal of an embassy from the governor-general of India to the courts of Siam and Cochin China Kambuja Desa Keris and other Malay weapons Kesah pelayaran Abdullah L'ambassade de la Compagnie orientale des Provinces Unies vers l'empereur de la Chin Land en volk van Sumatra L'archipel Indien Ledger and sword; or, The honourable company of merchants of England trading to the East Indies Legatio batavica ad magnum Tartariæ chamum Sungteium, modernum Sinæ imperatorem Legends of my bungalow L'empire sumatranais de Crivijaya Letters from the East: Account of Penang Letters of "Extinguisher." Letters received by the East India Company from its servants in the East Letters to Malaya, III & IV Malay Annals Malay magic : being an introduction to the folklore and popular religion of the Malay Peninsula Malay sketches Malay superstition Malaya and its History Malaya in Monochrome Malaya: The Straits Settlements and the Federated and Unfederated Malay States Malayan literature; comprising romantic tales, epic poetry and royal chronicles Malayan memories Malayan miscellanies Malayan monochromes Malays in Finlayson's 'Mission to Siam' Malaysia and the Pacific archipelagoes Map to illustrate the Siamese question Mast and sail in Europe and Asia Matahari; stimmungsbilder aus den malayisch-siamesischen tropen Memoir of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Memoir on the affairs of the East-India Company Memoirs of a Malayan Family Memoirs of a Malayan family Memoirs of India: Comprising a Brief Geographical Account of the East Indies Military Reminiscences in the East Indies Military Reminiscences: Extracted from a Journal of Nearly Forty Years' Active Service in the East Indies Miscellaneous papers relating to Indo-China and the Indian archipelago Miscellaneous papers relating to Indo-China and the Indian archipelago (Volume I & II) Mission to the East Coast of Sumatra My friends the savages : notes and observations of a Perak settler, Malay Peninsula My journal in Malayan waters: or, The blockade of Quedah My life in Sarawak: The Ranee of Sarawak Narrative of a voyage in His Majesty's late ship Alceste Narrative of events in Borneo and Celebes, down to the occupation of Labuan Narrative of the shipwreck of the Antelope East-India pacquet Nederduitsch-Maleisch en Soendasch woordenboek Notes and Queries (Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society) Notices of the Indian archipelago & adjacent countries Of the Eastern Peninsula of India: The Malays Oriental silverwork, Malay and Chinese Our Tropical Possessions in Malayan India Outrage of the Malays (The Mariners' Chronicle) Outrage of the Malays (The Sailor's Magazine) Pagan races of the Malay Peninsula Papers on Malay Subjects Papers relating to the attack upon Tringanu Papers relative to the execution of the treaty of 1824 Penang, description of the island, its population, &c Peoples of Malaysia Pillars of empire, studies & impressions Piracy and the Straits Settlements Piracy in the Oriental Archipelago Pirates of the eastern seas (1618-1723) Play and politics : recollections of Malaya Poems of the Malay peninsula, with an introductory essay on the Malay people Political and Commercial Considerations Relative to the Malayan Peninsula Portuguese discoveries, dependencies and missions in Asia and Africa Portuguese Discovery and Conquest of India Practical Hints to Explorers in the Netherlands East Indies Prisoners their own warders Problems of Greater Britain Volume: 2 Proposals for setling the East-India trade Quedah, A cruise in Japanese waters, The fight on the Peiho Quedah; or, Stray leaves from a journal in Malayan waters Raffles Of Singapore: A Biography Raffles, R Coupland Raja Haji Rajah Brooke: the Englishman as ruler of an eastern state Records and recollections (1889-1934) References to Tax Systems in old Javanese Inscriptions Report of Governor Balthasar Bort on Malacca 1678 Report on certain economic questions in the English and Dutch colonies in the Orient Report on the census of the Straits Settlements, 1891 Report on the Federated Malay States and Java Report to the Secretary of State for India in Council on the Portuguese records relating to the East Indies Reviews of 'Voyage of the United States Frigate Potomac' Shaman, Saiva, and Sufi Shipwreck of the Alceste (The Annual Register) Singapore local laws and institutions, 1823 Sir Stamford Raffles and the Malay Archipelago Sir Stamford Raffles: England in the Far East Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Founder of Singapore, 1819 Six weeks on the Coast of Borneo during the operations against the Sultan of Brunei Sketches, Civil and Military, of the Island of Java and Its Immediate Dependecies Slave Trade, East India and Ceylon Slavery and the slave trade in Ceylon, Malacca and Penang South Indian Influences In The Far East Sri Vijaya Statement of the services of Sir Stamford Raffles Straits law reports Studies in Brown Humanity Studies in religion, folk-lore, & custom in British North Borneo and the Malay peninsula Sunny Singapore : an account of the place and its people, with a sketch of the results of missionary Suvarnadwipa Tabular statements of the commerce of Singapore during the years 1823-24 to 1839-40 The Achehnese The adventures of John Smith in Malaya, 1600-1605 The Asiatic Islands The autobiography of Munshi Abdullah The battle of Bayan and other battles The British Dependencies in the Malay Indies The capital of a little empire The China Sea directory The Chola conquest of Sri Lanka and Sri Vijaya The Commentaries of the Great Afonso Dalboquerque The Dawn of British Trade to the East Indies The Dutch East Indies; a narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Indian Ocean The early relations of England with Borneo to 1805 The East India gazetteer The East India trade in the 17th century, in its political and economic aspects The East India Trader's Complete Guide The East Indian gazetteer The expedition to Borneo of H.M.S. Dido for the suppression of piracy The Far Eastern Tropics The Federation of Malaysia The Fight of Praya: A Malay Dirge The Flags of the Malay Peninsula The Further Side of Silence The head hunters of Borneo, journeyings in Sumatra The Hindu Malay The Hindu ruins in the plain of Parambanan The Incidents of Malay Life The India directory, or directions for sailing to and from the East Indies The Indian archipelago: A Concise Account of the Principal Islands and Places The Kris, from 'Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China' The Kriss The Laws of the Federated Malay States, 1877-1920 The life of Sir Frederick Weld, a pioneer of empire The Life of Sir James Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak The life of Sir Stamford Raffles The Life of St Francis Xavier, Apostle Of The Indies The Lusiad of Camoens translated into English Spencerian verse The Lusiad or, The discovery of India - An epic poem The Malay Archipelago The Malay Peninsula : a record of British progress in the middle East The Malays in Percival's Account of Ceylon The megalithic culture of Indonesia The memorial of the Hon. Thomas Stamford Raffles to the Hon. The Court of Directors of the East-India Company The Military System In Ancient India The mission to Siam, and Hué: the capital of Cochin China, in the years 1821-2. The Naning War 1831-1832 The narrative of captain David Woodard and four seamen The national mirror : being a series of essays on the most important concerns, but particularly those of the East-India Company The Natives of Sarawak and British North Borneo The naturall and morall historie of the East and West Indies The old 'country trade' of the East Indies The old East Indiamen The oriental interpreter and treasury of East India knowledge The oriental navigator, or, New directions for sailing to and from the East Indies The ports of the Dutch Indies The Portuguese In India Being A History Of The Rise And Decline Of Their Eastern Empire The prison of Weltevreden : and a glance at the East Indian Archipelago The Private Letters of Sir James Brooke, K.C.B., Rajah of Sarawak The progress and arrest of Islam in Sumatra The real Malay; pen pictures The Rise of Portuguese Power in India 1497-1550 The road to glory The sea gypsies of Malaya The Seaman's Guide to the Navigation of the Indian Ocean and China Sea The Shipwreck of the Alceste (Saturday Magazine) The Singapore almanack and directory for the year 1856 The Straits calendar and directory, 1867-69 The Tanjung Tanah Code Of Law: The Oldest Extant Malay Manuscript The War in Malaya Thoughts on improving the government of the British territorial possessions in the East Indies Tigers of Trengganu Trade In The Eastern Seas 1793-1813 Transactions at Pulo Leat and the shipwreck of the Alceste Translations from the Hikayat Abdulla Unaddressed letters - Sir Frank Swettenham Undang-Undang Minangkabau Voyage of the United States Frigate Potomac Willem Janszoon Blaeu - A sketch of his life and work HISTORIES & OTHER REFERENCES A Descriptive Dictionary of British Malaya A Descriptive Dictionary of the Indian Islands & Adjacent Countries A General View of the Manners, Customs and Curiosities of Nations A geographical and historical view of the world (Vol IV) A grammar of modern geography. [With] Praxis A historical narrative of the East India Company A history of Malaya A History Of Siam A literary & historical atlas of Asia A manual of Netherlands India (Dutch East Indies) A New Account of the East Indies A New History of the East-Indies A new universal gazetteer A philosophical and political history of the settlements and trade of the Europeans in the East and West Indies A popular history of British India and and the insular possessions A short history of Indonesia: the unlikely nation? A short history of Malaysia: linking east and west A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific Acheen, and the Ports on the North and East Coasts of Sumatra: With Incidental Al-Tarikh Salasilah dan Sejarah Negeri Kedah Darulaman An anecdotal history of old times in Singapore An illustrated guide to the Federated Malay States Asal bermula Islam di-negeri Banjarmasin Baretto de Resende's Account of Malacca British Malaya Bygone Selangor; a souvenir Classified catalogue of books, pamphlets, maps, views, etc. relating to Asia Cosmorama: The Manners, Customs, and Costumes of All Nations of the World Described Eastern Geography: A Geography of the Malay Peninsula Emanuel Godinho de Eredia's Description of Malaca Emblemata Nova Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World Encyclopedia of Modern Asia Encyclopedia of World Cultures Evolution of the inhabitants of Java Geography of Malaya Geography: or, A description of the world, in three parts Handbook of the Federated Malay States Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa or The Kedah Annals History of Kedah History of the British Colonies Vol I: Asia History of the British Possessions in the Indian & Atlantic Oceans History of the British possessions in the Indian & Atlantic oceans History of the British Possessions of the Honourable East India Company History of the Indian Archipelago History of the Kingdom of Siam History of the Malay Kingdom of Patani History of the Malayo-Polynesian Nations History of World Trade since 1450 India and Malaysia India as known to the ancient world Islands of the East Indies Java, Sumatra, and the other islands of the Dutch East Indies Java: past & present Jelebu: Its History And Constitution Kelantan; a state of the Malay Peninsula; a handbook of information Malacca , from 'A System of Geography, Popular and Scientific' Malacca and Naning, from 'A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of Various Countries' Malacca and the Malays, from 'Ramsay's Universal History' Malacca or Malaya, from 'A new and comprehensive gazetteer' Malacca, description of the Peninsula Malacca, from 'Encyclopaedia Perthensis' Malacca, from 'Far off; or, Asia and Australia described' Malacca, from 'The discovery of the sea' Malacca, from 'The London Encyclopaedia' Malacca, from 'The London Encyclopaedia' Malacca, from 'The New Imperial Encyclopaedia' Malacca, from 'The youth's companion' Malacca, Malaisia, Malay Peninsula, Malays, etc., from 'A Universal Pronouncing Gazetteer' Malacca, Malay Peninsula, Malays, etc., from 'The Penny Cyclopaedia' Malacca, Malays, etc., from 'The Chambers Encyclopaedia' Malacca, or Malaya, from' A Geographical and Historical View of the World' Malacca, or Malaya, from' Geography: A Description of the World' Malacca, or Malaya, from' The Edinburgh Encyclopaedia' Malacca, or Malaya, from' The general gazetteer: or, Compendious geographical dictionary Malacca, Origin of the Malays, etc., from 'A History of All Nations' Malay Archipelago, from 'The Encyclopaedia Britannica' Malay archipelago, Malayan peoples, etc., from 'The New International Encyclopaedia' Malay Peninsula, from 'The Quarterly Oriental Magazine, Review and Register' Malaya or Malacca, from 'A new system of modern geography' Malaya or Malacca, from 'A Grammar of Modern Geography' Malaya or Malacca, from 'A System of Geography' Malaya or Malacca, from 'An accompaniment to Mitchell's Map of the world' Malaya or Malacca, from Pinkerton's 'Modern geography' Malaya, from 'An introduction to the geography and history of India, and the countries adjacent' Malaya, from 'Geography for the use of Australian youth' Malaya, from 'Rudiments of geography, on a new plan' Malaya, or Malacca from 'The American universal geography' Malaya, or Malacca, from 'A System of Modern Geography' Malaya, or Malacca, from 'Geography or, A description of the world' Malaysia or the Indian Archipelago, from 'An Abridgement of Universal Geography' Maritime geography and statistics Volume: 3 Mémoire bibliographique sur les journaux des navigateurs néerlandais Misa Melayu Notes on Malay History Of the eastern peninsula of India One hundred years of Singapore Perak and the Malays: "Sarong" and "kris." Political and statistical account of the British settlements in the Straits of Malacca Portuguese History of Malacca Pulau Condore, from 'The Encyclopaedia Britannica' Sallatus Salatain - Salasilah Sultan-Sultan Sallatus Salatain (Manuscript) Sejarah Bima Sejarah Melayu (Manuscript) Sejarah Melayu, or The Malay Annals Sejarah Palembang Sejarah Raja-raja Melayu Dan Bugis Siam and the Malay Peninsula Siam by Pierre Loti Siam in the Malay Peninsula : a short account of the position of Siam in the states of Kelantan, Patani, Legeh and Siam Siam, the land of the white elephant, as it was and is Siam; an account of the country and the people Sulatus Salatin - Sejarah Melayu Sumatra, from 'The London Encyclopaedia' Sumatra, from 'The London Encyclopaedia' Syair Melayu Syair Negeri Patani Tajus-Salatin - Mahkota Segala Raja Tawarikh Dan Salasilah Riau Dan Lingga The book of history - Volume III The British empire series Volume I, Volume V The British world in the East The Conquest of Malacca The East Indies, from 'The modern part of an universal history' The Eastern Archipelago, from 'The Quarterly Review' The history of Java The History of Java (Review) The History of Sumatra The History of Sumatra The illustrated history of the British Empire in India and the East The Indian archipelago, its history and present state The kingdom of Siam The Malay Peninsula, from 'Maritime geography and statistics' The Malay Peninsula: A Record of British Progress in the Middle East The Malay States The Malayan Peninsula The Malays, from the Museum of Foreign Literature and Science The Museum of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art (Volume 28) The nearer and farther East : outline studies of Moslem lands and of Siam, Burma, and Korea The Penny Cyclopaedia of the Society for the Difussion of Useful Knowledge, Volume 14 The peoples and politics of the Far East The Philippine islands, Moluccas, Siam, Cambodia, Japan, and China, at the close of the sixteenth century The Selangor Journal: Jottings Past and Present The Suma Oriental of Tome Pires (Volume II: Malacca) The View of India Extra Gangem, China, and Japan Tuhfat al-Nafis, The Precious Gift Twentieth Century Impressions of British Malaya Twentieth Century Impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai and Other Treaty Ports of China Twentieth Century Impressions of Siam, incorporating an abridged edition of Twentieth century impressions of British Malaya Universal history Americanised (Vol II) Valentyn's Description of Malacca TRAVELOGUE A journey to Java A Narrative of Four Voyages to the South Sea, North and South Pacific Ocean, Chinese Sea, Ethiopic and Southern Atlantic Ocean, Indian and A A narrative of the early life and services of Captn. D. Macdonald A narrative of travel and sport in Burmah, Siam and the Malay Peninsula A New Voyage Round the World A pocket guide to Netherlands East Indies A relation of two several voyages made into the East-Indies A Son of Satsuma,or With Perry in Japan A trip through the Dutch East Indies A Visit to Java A Visit to Singapore, The Straits of Malacca and Sunda A Voyage from Calcutta to the Mergui Archipelago A voyage round the world in the United States Frigate Columbia A voyage round the world in the years 1740-44 A voyage to China and the East Indies A voyage to Cochin China A Voyage to Madagascar and the East Indies A voyage to Singapore and Java in 1862 A Voyage to the East Indies A winter tour through India, Burmah and the Straits Adventures Among the Dyaks of Borneo Among the dark mountains or, Cast away in Sumatra An account of the wild tribes inhabiting the Malayan Peninsula, Sumatra, and a few neighbouring islands An official guide to eastern Asia v.5 The East Indies Borneo and the Indian Archipelago : with drawings of costume and scenery British Borneo: sketches of Brunai, Sarawak, Labuan, and North Borneo British North Borneo Calcoen: a Dutch narrative of the second voyage of Vasco da Gama to Calicut Camp notes Camping and tramping in Malaya Cathay and the way thither China and Japan, and a Voyage Thither: An Account of a Cruise in the Waters of the East Indies Conqueror of the Seas - The Story of Magellan Cursory Remarks on board The Friendship Dampier's Voyages: Consisting of a New Voyage Round the World De Zeike Reizieger, or Rambles in Java and the Straits in 1852 by a Bengal Civilian Dr Crawfurd's Embassy to Siam Early English voyagers : or, The adventures and discoveries of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier Elephant and Seladang Hunting in Malaya Federated Malay States Railways : Tours in the Malay Peninsula From jungle to Java : The trivial impressions of a short excursion to Netherlands India. From Siam to Suez Greater Britain: A record of travel in English-Speaking Countries Hall's Voyages Volume I Handbook to Singapore Handbook to Singapore : with map and a plan of the Botanical Gardens In A Corner of Asia In the Far East : a narrative of exploration and adventure in Cochin-China, Cambodia, Laos, and Siam India and Malaysia Information for travellers landing at Singapore Insulinde Isles of the East Java, the garden of the East Jennings' guide to Singapore, Penang, Malacca Journal of a visit to several ports of Sumatra Journal of the Right Hon. Sir Joseph Banks during Captain Cook's first voyage Jungle trails and jungle people; travel, adventure and observation in the Far East Le Discours de la Navigation de Jean et Raoul Parmentier de Dieppe Life in Java: with sketches of the Javanese Life in the East Indies Lives and exploits of the most distinguished voyagers, adventurers and discoverers Lives and voyages of Drake, Cavendish, and Dampier Magellan; or, The first voyage round the world My last cruise; or, where we went and what we saw Narrative of a residence at the capital of the Kingdom of Siam Narrative of the voyage of H. M. S. Samarang, during the years 1843-46 Narrative of voyages and travels in the northern and southern hemispheres Notable Voyagers Chapter XXII, Kingston and Frith. O'er oceans and continents with the setting sun. On the equator Over five seas and oceans, from New York to Bangkok, Siam, and return some reminiscences Peeps at many lands : Java Photographic views of Singapore (1900) Photographic views of Singapore (1930) Pigafetta's Voyage Around The World Ralph Fitch : England's pioneer to India and Burma Remarks during a journey to the East Indies Scented isles and coral gardens: Torres Straits, German New Guinea and the Dutch East Indies See Java : the garden of the East, a short guide for tourists Sequel to some glimpses into life in the Far East Seventeen years among the Sea Dyaks of Borneo : a record of intimate association with the nations of the Bornean jungles Seventeen years and four months captive among the Dyaks of Borneo Singapore, Malacca, Java: Reiseskizzen Six months among the Malays, and a year in China Some glimpses into life in the Far East Souvenir of Singapore 1914 Struggles through life Sunny Singapore : a series of 38 photogravure views in sepia tone The Adventures of Naufragus The book of Duarte Barbosa The book of Ser Marco Polo the Venetian, concerning the kingdoms and The Chersonese with the Gilding Off The Chinaman abroad, or, A desultory account of the Malayan archipelago The city of Malacca, from 'The travels of Ludovico di Varthema' The Eastern archipelago. A description of the islands of the eastern seas The Eastern Seas The Far East Revisited The first voyage round the world, by Magellan The Golden Chersonese and The Way Thither The journal of John Jourdain, 1608-1617, describing his experiences in Arabia, India, and the Malay archipelago The life of Ferdinand Magellan, and the first circumnavigation of the globe. 1480-1521 The magic of Malaya The modern traveller, Volume 11. Burmah, Siam, &c. The North Pacific surveying and exploring expedition The Savage Life: A Second Series of "Camp Notes" The straits of Malacca, Indo-China and China The stranger's guide to Singapore with maps The Travels of Camoens in the Farther East The travels of Ludovico di Varthema The Travels of Marco Polo The Venetian, Komroff The Travels of Marco Polo the Venetian, Marsden The travels of Pedro Teixeira The voyage of Sir Henry Middleton to Bantam and the Maluco Islands The voyages and adventures of Ferdinand Mendez Pinto, the Portuguese The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster to the East Indies Through the Buffer state; a record of recent travels through Borneo, Siam and Cambodia Through the Malay Archipelago To Siam and Malaya in the Duke of Sutherland's yacht 'Sans peur' Tour in Sumatra Tour in Sumatra Trade and Travel in the Far East Trapping wild animals in Malay jungles Travels in south-eastern Asia : embracing Hindustan, Malaya, Siam, and China Travels in the East Indian archipelago Travels in the East Indian Archipelago Two years in the jungle Visits to the Malay and Loo-Choo Islands Voyage to Loo-Choo Voyage to the East Indies Voyages to the East-Indies Wanderings in New South Wales, Batavia, Pedir Coast, Singapore, and China What I Saw In The Tropics Where The Strange Trails Go Down With The Dutch In The East Zigzag journeys in the Antipodes LANGUAGE A Dictionary of the Malay Language A dictionary of the Malay tongue A grammar and dictionary of the Malay language : with a preliminary dissertation A grammar of the Maguindanao tongue A grammar of the Malayan language A lexilogus of the English, Malay, and Chinese languages A Malay Manual A Malay reader (romanized) for the use of pupils in the second standard of the vernacular schools of the Straits Settlements A manual of the Malay language. With an introductory sketch of the Sanskrit element in Malay A practical Malay grammar A primer and vocabulary of the Moro dialect (Magindanau) A sketch of the modern languages of the East Indies A vocabulary of Malay medical terms A vocabulary of proper names, in Chinese and English A vocabulary of the English and Malay languages, in the Roman and Arabic character A Vocabulary of the English, Bugis and Malay Languages A vocabulary of the English, Bugis, and Malay languages, containing about 200 words An Abridged Malay-English Dictionary An English-Malay Dictionary By Rev. W. G. Shellabear Dictionary of the Malayan Language by William Marsden English-Malay dictionary: Kitab dari bahasa Inggris dan Melajoe English-Sulu-Malay Vocabulary Handbook Of The Malay Language Containing Phrases Grammar And Dictionary Hobson-Jobson: a glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases Joloano Moro Kelly & Walsh's handbook of the Malay language for the use of tourists and residents Kelly and Walsh's handbook of the Malay Language Kitab Pelajaran Bahasa Melayu Lettres et pièces diplomatiques écrites en malay Long-chair Malay Malay Grammar Malay phonetics Malay self-taught by the natural method : with phonetic pronunciation Malay-English vocabulary, Shellabear Maleisch-nederduitsch woordenboek Manualetto Aceh Pepatah bidalan dan Perumpamaan, Gurindam, Kias ibarat dan Perkataan Hikmah Pepatah, peribahasa, kias, ibarat, etc.pdf Selections from a Malay version of the Taju's-Salatin Sentences in English and Malay Shellabear's Malay-English Vocabulary The Malay Orthography The Malay orthography The Singapore Triglot Vocabulary Vocabularie français-malais Vocabulary of the English and Malay languages with notes FICTION A Free Lance of To-day Adventures of a younger son Among Malay pirates; a tale of adventure and peril Apa, Suka, Tuan : Malay stories Blown to Bits or, The Lonely Man of Rakata Droit du Signeur by Sir Hugh Clifford Fables and Folk-Tales from an Eastern Forest. Hikayat Si Miskin In the eastern seas, or, The regions of the bird of paradise In the hands of the Malays, and other stories Jack at Sea, Chapter XIV. Joseph Conrad: Notes on life and letters Lord Jim Middy and Ensign by G Manville Fenn Moorish literature: comprising romantic ballads, tales of the Berbers, stories of the Kabylie, folk-lore and national traditions North from Malaya On the borderland Return to Malaya Saleh: A Sequel Sally, a Study, and Other Tales of the Outskirts Sandokan: The Tigers of Mompracem - Chapter 1-2 Tales of the Malayan coast, from Penang to the Philippines The black pearl of Peihoo : a tale of the Malay seas The Castaways The globular jottings of Griselda The golden prime : a novel (Volume I, II and III) The Mermaid - An Eastern Tale The Panglima Muda The Penang Pirate The rajah of Dah The rescue; a romance of the shallows The Shadowline The story of Pigou, a Malay boy The talking beasts; a book of fable wisdom The Three Midshipmen The Wild Man of the Woods: a Story of the Island of Sumatra There Was Once A Man Trapped by Malays, a Tale of Bayonet and Kris Under the Waves Yellow and White JOURNALS Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society JMBRAS Vol. I Part I Apr 1923 JMBRAS Vol. I Part II Oct 1923 JMBRAS Vol. I Part III Dec 1923 JMBRAS Vol. II Part I June 1924 JMBRAS Vol. II Part 2 Nov 1924 JMBRAS Vol. II Part III Dec 1924 JMBRAS Vol. III Part I Apr 1925 JMBRAS Vol. III Part II Nov 1925 JMBRAS Vol. III Part III Dec 1925 JMBRAS Vol. IV 1926 JMBRAS Vol. V Part I Aug 1927 JMBRAS Vol. V Part II Nov 1927 JMBRAS Vol. V Part III Dec 1927 JMBRAS Vol. VI Part I Mar 1928 JMBRAS Vol. VI Part II June 1928 JMBRAS Vol. VI Part III Aug 1928 JMBRAS Vol. VI Part IV Nov 1928 JMBRAS Vol. VII Part I Aug 1929 JMBRAS Vol. VII Part II Sept 1929 JMBRAS Vol. VII Part III Oct 1929 JMBRAS Vol. VIII Parts I & II 1930 JMBRAS Vol. IX Part I May 1931 JMBRAS Vol. IX Part II Nov 1931 JMBRAS Vol. X Parts I & II 1932 JMBRAS Vol. XI Parts I & II 1933 JMBRAS Vol. XII Parts I, II & III 1934 JMBRAS Vol. XIII Parts I, II & III 1935 JMBRAS Vol. XIV Parts I, II & III 1936 JMBRAS Vol. XV Parts I, II & III 1937 JMBRAS Vol. XVI Parts I, II & III 1938 JMBRAS Vol. XVII Parts I, II & III 1939 JMBRAS Vol. XVIII Parts I & II 1940 JMBRAS Vol. XIX Parts I, II & III 1941 JMBRAS Vol. XX Part I June 1947 JMBRAS Vol. XX Part II December 1947 JMBRAS Vol. XXI Part I April 1948 JMBRAS Vol. XXI Part II Sept 1948 JMBRAS Vol. XXI Part III Oct 1948 JMBRAS Vol. XXII Part I Mar 1949 JMBRAS Vol. XXII Part II May 1949 JMBRAS Vol. XXII Part III June 1949 JMBRAS Vol. XXII Part IV Sept 1949 JMBRAS Vol. XXIII Part I Feb 1950 JMBRAS Vol. XXIII Part II March 1950 JMBRAS Vol. XXIII Part III August 1950 Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Index to Nos. 1 - 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A Malay Letter to Louis XV, King of France A Malay of Bugis Ancestry: Haji Ibrahim's Strategies of Survival A medicine of sweetmeats; On the power of Malay narrative A modern grammar of Acehnese: some critical observations A Philosophical Study of Malay Ways of Reasoning and Emotion in Peribahasa A puzzling point in the Malay annals A recently published Malay court poem A regulation for the prevention of the slave trade at Singapore A royal collection of Bugis manuscripts A short account of Prince of Wales Island by Sir George Leith A study of Chinese loanwords (from South Fujian dialects) in the Malay and Indonesian languages Abdullah Munsyi and the Missionaries Access to Malay manuscripts Account of Borneo Account of Rumbowe (Rembau) Account of Sungei Ujong Account of the Territory and Inhabitants of Naning Aceh as a Field for Ancient History Studies Aceh as a Muslim-Malay Cultural Centre (14th-19th Century) Aceh Histories in the KITLV Images Archive Aceh's Contribution to Standards of Malayness Adat and Islam in Malaya Adat in the city: Some perceptions and practices among urban Malays Adriaan Koek: Malacca's Unsung Dutch Burgher Adventure Tales, Colonialism, and Alexander Montgomery's Australian Perspective Agreement relating to Malaysia, 1963 An Account of De Siqueira's Voyage to Malacca An Account of the Island of Sumatra An Early Age of Commerce in Southeast Asia, 900–1300 CE An English-Malay in the Burman embassy An epic hero and an epic traitor in the Hikayat Hang Tuah An Essay on Early Relations of Continental India with Sumatra and Java An influence of colonial architecture to building styles and motifs in colonial cities in Malaysia An influence of colonial architecture to building styles and motifs in colonial cities in Malaysia An observer in Malaya Ancient jetty at Sungai Batu Complex, Bujang Valley, Kedah Antiquity of Malacca Arab migration and its importance in the historical development of late 19th and early 20th century Malaya Archaeological approaches to the study of Islam in Island Southeast Asia Art of Woodcarving in Timber Mosques of Peninsular Malaysia and Southern Thailand Asia's Maritime Networks and the Colonial Public Sphere 1840-1920 Asiatic Intelligence - Quedah war Belief in Vampires among the Malays Beyond Serandib: A Note on Lambri at the Northern Tip of Acheh Borders and the Mapping of the Malay World British Cabinet: Policy in regard to Malaya, 1945 British Colonial Health Care Development and the Persistence of Ethnic Medicine in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore British strategic interests in the Straits of Malacca 1786-1819 British Trade to Southeast Asia in the 17th and 18th Centuries revisited Budi as the Malay Mind Budi as the Malay Mind: A Philosophical Study of Malay Ways of Reasoning and Emotion in Peribahasa C.H. Thomsen; The editor of A code of Bugis Maritime Laws Cerita Hang Li Po: Ode Persahabatan Kedua-dua Bangsa China-Malaysia Character of the Malays Christian Researches respecting the Malays Close Hauled: Attack on the Alceste by Malay pirates Collectors, classifiers and researchers of the Malay World Colonial Construction of Malayness: The Influence of Population Size and Composition Colonial development of Islamic Family Law in the British Straits Settlements and the Netherlands Indies Colonialism and Malay Masculinity: Malay Satire as Observed in the Novel Kawin-Kawin Conceptual Understanding of Myths and Legends in Malay History Concordances and classical Malay Contesting Malayness: the quest for the elusive Melayu Contesting Straits-Malayness: The Fact of Borneo Continuity and discontinuity in the multiple realities of Riau Crawfurd's 1822 'Malay of Champa Critical Study of theories surrounding the historic arrival of a popular Shiite festival in contemporary Sunni Malaysia Dakwah and Minah Karan; Class formation and ideological conflict in Malay society De Coutre’s Propoposal for a fort on Singapore and Sentosa, c.1625 Deathscapes of the Malay Martial Artist De-Mastering Historical Narrative in Robert yeo's 'The Eye of History' and Kee Thuan Chye's 'We Could **** You Mr Birch' Dialect endangerment; The case of Nonthaburi Malay Diplomatic Corpus: Between the Dutch in Tanah Melayu and the northern Malay courts, 1641-1699 Dynamics of the Frontier World in Insular Southeast Asia: An Overview Earl's Indian Archipelago Early Mentions of Menangkabau and Old Singapore Early polities in Southern Sumatra: Some preliminary observations based on archaeological evidence East India Company Factory Records - Sumatra Factory Records. V.1-162; (1685 - 1825) Economics of New Imperialism Effect Of Ramayana On Various Cultures And Civilisations Ethnic Relations in Peninsular Malaysia: The Cultural and Economic Dimensions Ethnicity and Identity in the Malay Peninsula Based on Btsisi’ Folklore and Ethnohistory Ethnicity, Language and Culture in Melaka after the Transition From Portuguese to Dutch Rule (Seventeenth Century) Ethnology and Phrenology: the Malays and Polynesians Eunuchs and Concubines in the History of Islamic Southeast Asia European and Asian papers in Malay manuscripts; A provisional assessment European Travelers and Local Informants in the Making of the Image of “Cannibalism” in North Sumatra Excursions to the Eastward Farewell to the Homogemous Malay Fish food on a tree branch; Hidden meanings in Bugis poetry Formation of Public Spheres and Islamist Movements in Malay Muslim Society of Malaysia Four Malay letters from Raja Ali Haji to Von De Wall Framing the Violence in Southern Thailand: Three Waves of Malay Muslim Separatism From 'Melayu Patani' to 'Thai Muslim': The Spectre of Ethnic Identity in Southern Thailand From Minangkabau frontier to a Riau administrative district From Noble Muslims to Saracen Enemies: Thomas Stamford Raffles’ Discourse on Islam in the Malay World From Periphery to Centre: Shaping the History of the Central Peninsula Gender, Islam and the Bugis Diaspora in Nineteenthand Twentieth-Century Riau Global Area Studies with Special Reference to the Malay or Maritime World Globalisation, Empowerment and the Periphery: The Malays of Sri Lanka Hikayat Hang Tuah; Malay epic and muslim mirror; Some considerations on its date, meaning and structure Hipoteks Sejarah dalam novel 'Panglima Awang' Historical Sketch of the Settlement of Singapore History and Languages of the Indian Islands History and Politics of the Muslims in Thailand History of the Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (JMBRAS) 1878-1997: An Overview Hugh Clifford and Frank Swettenham: Environmental Cognition and the Malayan Colonial Process Images of Colonial Cities in the Netherlands Indies: As Reflected in Some Early Balai Poestaka Novels In Support of Trade: Coastal Site Location and Environmental Transformation in Early Historical-Period Malaysia and Thailand Indigenizing Colonial Knowledge: The Formation of Malay Identity in British Malaya Information on Illanoon pirates Inscriptions found on Singapore jetty Insurrection in Sumatra Islam and the Malay Shadow Play: Aspects of the Historical Mythology of the Wayang Siam Islam versus adat in Negri Sembilan (Malaya) JMBRAS 1987-1996: A Ten-Year Bibliometric Analysis Joseph Conrad and Britain's Dream of Empire Joseph Conrad: The Question of Racism and Representation of Muslims in his Malayan Works Joseph Conrad's ironic use of racism Kedah: The Foundations and Durability of Malay Kingship Kedah’s Islamic conversion stories or gateways to its pre-Islamic past Kinship and debt; The social organization of Bugis migration and fish marketing at Lake Lindu, Central Sulawesi Knowing when to set sail; Practical knowledge and simple heuristics in Bugis navigational strategies Language and Writing System of Bangkok-Melayu Language Planning and the British Empire: Comparing Pakistan, Malaysia and Kenya Local heroes and national consciousness; The politics of historiography in Riau Mahmud, Sultan of Riau and Lingga (1823-1864) Majapahit in the fifteenth century Malacca, Malay (A dictionary of geography, ancient and modern) Malay and Javanese loanwords in Malagasy, Tagalog and Siraya (Formosa) Malay and Orang Asli Interactions: Views from Legendary History Malay Archipelago Malay dialect research in Malaysia: The issue of perspective Malay history and the genelogical history of the Sultan of Coti Malay identity work Malay kinship terms and Morgans Malayan terminology: The complexity of simplicity Malay manuscripts in the Library of Congress Malay marriages Malay Opera Of The Borneo Island: A Historical Perspective Malay Pantuns Malay Pirates Malayan Airs Malayness in Riau; The study and revitalization of identity Maori Origins, Y-Chromosome Haplotypes and Implications for Human History in the Pacific Maritime Commerce of British India Maritime Contacts on the Coromandal Coast Matelieff de Jonge: Description of Batu Sawar and Kota Sabrang, 1606 Matelieff de Jonge: Description of the Four Princes of Johor, 1606 Melaka and Adjacent Regions: Challenges from Early Modern Source Materials Military Resources of the Siamese Minute by Sir T S Raffles on the establishment of a Malayan college at Singapore Missing in Action: The Strange Case of Imperial Autobiography Mosque Architecture in Malaysia: Classification of Styles and Possible Influence Muslim Communities in Ayutthaya Muslims of the Dutch East Indies and the Caliphate question Naming and Collective Memory in the Malay Muslim World Networking and Societal Development in 15th- and 16th-Century Maritime Southeast Asia Networks of Malay Merchants and the Rise of Penang as a Regional Trading Centre Networks of Malay Merchants and the Rise of Penang as a Regional Trading Centre Note on Malayan Manuscripts and Books Note on the States of the Malay Peninsula Notes on Inscriptions found in Province Wellesley and Singapore Notes on Naning Notes on Sejarah Melayu and Royal Malay Art Notes on the Mariñci inscription: A 14th century Majapahit copper-plate Notes on translating the Sejarah Melayu Notice of a Chinese geographical work Notices of a Chinese geographical work, including descriptions of the countries south of China Observation and Discussion on the History of Maritime Archipelago Observations on the Straits of Malacca Old Age: Widows, Midwives and the Question of Witchcraft in Early Modern Southeast Asia On nasality in Acehnese On the advantage of affording the means of education to the inhabitants of the Further East On the existing Dictionaries of the Malay Language On the Gold of Limong, Sumatra On the government and history of Naning On the Malayu Nation, with a Translation of its Maritime Institutions On the names of China (and its Malay origins) On The Traces of the Hindu Language and Literature Extant Among The Malays On trade to China and the Indian archipelago: The insecurity of British interests in that quarter Opium and the Beginnings of Chinese Capitalism in Southeast Asia Oriental Commentary on the Critique of Major Thorn's Memoir of the Conquest of Java Orientalisme dalam pengajian Melayu Origin of the Malays Origin of the names of the different countries in the East Indies Outline of Political and Commercial Relations with the Native States of the Eastern and Western Coasts, Malay Peninsula Palembang et Sriwijaya : anciennes hypothèses et recherches nouvelles (Palembang Ouest) Palembang in 1811 and 1812 Papers from the 8th annual meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (1998) Patani in the Beginning of the XVII Century Patron-client ties among the Bugis and Makassarese of South Sulawesi Patterns of supernatural premises underlying the institution of the Bomoh in Malay culture Paulo Lima de Pereira: Destruction of Johor Lama, 1587 Peninsular Malaysia in the Context of Natural History and Colonial Science Petalangan society and changes in Riau Pioneers of early colonial Singapore (1819-1850) Piracy and armed robbery in the Malacca Strait: A problem solved? Piracy in Southeast Asia: A Historical Comparison Piracy in the Archipelago Plans to Construct a Fort in the Straits of Singapore, ca. 1584-1625 Power, state and society among the pre-islamic Bugis President Andrew Jacksoin State of Nation Addresses 1831-32 Prince Damrong's historical background to the "Dispatches of Luang Udom Sombat Printing in Riau; Two steps toward modernity Pulau Batu Puteh: Memorial of the Federation of Malaysia at the International Court of Justice Race, Empire and Liberalism: Interpreting John Crawfurd's History of the Indian Archipelago Race, Multicultural Accomodation and the Constitutions of Singapore and Malaysia Reflections on Semai Religion and a Possible Common Religious Base in South and Southeast Asia Reflections on the encyclopedic impulse in literary texts from Indonesian and Malay worlds Religion and Cultural Identity Among the Bugis (A Preliminary Remark) Report on the population, &c. of the town and suburbs of Marlborough, in the island of Sumatra Research on Cham History in Malaysia Research Trends on Southeast Asian Sea Nomads Researches on Ptolemy's Geography of Eastern Asia Rethinking the Islamization of the Malay World Rethinking the Islamization of the Malay World Review of 'A Dictionary of the Malay Tongue' Review of Books: History of the Indian archipelago Review of Books: Malayan Miscellanies Review of the Malay Annals by the late Dr John Leyden (The Eclectic Review) Review of the Malay Annals by the late Dr John Leyden (The Monthly Review) Reviving Malay Connections in Southeast Asia Riau; Progress and poverty Roots of Contemporary Maritime 'Piracy' in Southeast Asia Royal Letters from Aceh in the 17th Century Satingpra in Sung Dynasty Records Sejarah Gerakan Politik Awal di Kedah Sejarah Ringkas Naning Shadow Theaters of the World Ships on Hero Stones from the West Coast of India Short Account of the Malay Manuscripts in the Royal Asiatic Society Sir Stamford Raffles - A Manufactured Hero? Six Malay manuscripts in the Algemeen Rijksarchief at The Hague Sketch of the Four Menangkabowe (Minangkabau) States Sketch of the Malayan Peninsula by Lt Newbold, 23rd Regiment Light Infantry Sketch of the State of Muar Slave trade in the Indian archipelago Sojourning Communities, Ports-of-Trade, and Agrarian-Based Societies in Southeast Asia’s Eastern Regions, 1000-1300 Some notes on the Malayan folklore of natural history Some notes on the origin of Malay di- Some Observations on Adat and Adat Leadership in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan Some order in ordering; Notes on suruh-constructions in 17th-century Malay Some Thoughts on the Historical Pattern of Thai-Malay Relations: Towards Local Perspectives Sound Strategy for a Shifting Malay? Southeast Asian Consumption of Indian and British Cotton Cloth Spirits of the Earth and Spirits of the Water: Chthonic Forces in the Mountains of West Java Sri and Sedana and Sita and Rama: Myths of Fertility and Generation Sri Lanka Malay - Past, Present and Future State of education among the Malays in Malacca State of education amongst the Malays in Penang Syair Alif Ba Ta: The Poet and His Mission Symbolic Animals in the Land between the Waters: Markers of Place and Transition The "International Relations" Of The Malay Peninsula From The Seventh To The Fourteenth Century The "La Galigo"; A Bugis encyclopedia and its growth The active and enterprizing Malay race The Administrative Structure and Legal System of Malaya The amorphous nature of coastal polities in Insular Southeast Asia The Architecture of the Early Mosques and Shrines of Java: Influences of the Arab Merchants in the 15th and 16th Centuries? The Assimilation of the Bangkok-Melayu Communities The Bangsa Moro: The Muslim Independence Movement of the Southern Philippines The beauty of the Malaya language The British Legacy on the Development of Politics in Malaya The British Presence in the Malay World: A Meeting of Civilizational Traditions The British Presence in the Malay World: A Meeting ofCivilizational Traditions The Brtish Colonies considered as military posts (Ceylon, Penang, Malacca, Singapore) The Capture of Malacca The Changing Function of Religion among Rural Malays The changing nature of conflict between Burma and Siam as seen from the growth and development of Burmese States from the 16th to 19th Centu The construction of Malay identity across nations Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia The course from Ceylon through the Straits of Malacca in the south-west monsoon The Dutch East India Company and its Coromandel Trade 1700-1740 The dynastic myth of Negri Sembilan (Malaya) The East India Company: Trade and Domestic Financial Statistics, 1755-1838 The eastern kings in Majapahit The editing of Malay manuscripts and textual criticism The Empire of Enterprise: British business networks, trade and remittance in Asia, 1793-1810 The Empire of the Maharajah, King of the Mountains and Lord of the Isles The English Factory at Makassar, 1613-1667 The establishment of Singapore The Evolving Identities of the Malays as the Result of Neo Colonisation The Formation and Management of Political Identities: Indonesia and Malaysia Compared The Founder of Malay Royalty and His Conquest of Saktimuna the Serpent The Founder of Old Singapore The French in Sumatra and the Malay world, 1760-1890 The gambus (lutes) of the Malay world: its origins and significance in Zapin Music The Genealogy of Malacca's Kings from a Copy of the Bustanu's-Salatin The Globalisation of Maritime Raiding and Piracy in Southeast Asia at the end of the Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries The Grammar of traditional Malay long-roof type houses The growth and distribution of the Indonesian population in Malaya The Historical Place of Acehnese: The Known and the Unknown The history of the Malay language. A preliminary survey The History of the Peninsula in Folk Tales The imagined learner of Malay The Indian Mutiny in Singapore, 1915 The Indian Origin of Malay Folk Tales The Invention of Tradition: The Royal Power of Contemporary Malaysia in a Historical Perspective The Making of Race in Colonial Malaya: Political Economy and Racial Ideology The Malacca Sultanate The Malay founder of medieval Malacca The Malay House: Rationale and Change The Malay Language in Malaysia and Indonesia: from lingua franca to national The Malay language in Malaysia and Indonesia: from lingua franca to national language The Malay Peninsula in the XVIIth and XVIIIth Centuries The Malay Peninusla The Malay Pirates, with a Sketch of their system and territory The Malay Rulers' Loss of Immunity The Malay shair; Problems of origin and tradition The Malay World in Textbooks: The Transmission of Colonial Knowledge in British Malaya The Malay-Aborigine nexus under Malay rule The Malays of Capetown The Malays of Coti The Malays, from Percival's 'Account of Ceylon' The Malay-Tamil Cultural Contacts with Special Reference to the Festival of Mandi Safar The Malayu language The meeting of the British and Malay civilizational traditions: A brief history The Merchant and the King: Political Myths of Southeast Asian Polities The Mouse-deer (Kantjil) in Malayo-Indonesian Folklore: Alternative Analyses The Muslims in Thailand : A Review The mystery of the first Malay novel (and who was Rokambul?) The Naning War 1831-1832 - Colonial Authority and Malay Resistance in the Early Period of British Expansion The old names of Java and Sumatra The Orang Melayu and Orang Jawa in the ‘Lands Below the Winds’ The Orang Melayu and Orang Jawa in the ‘Lands Below the Winds’ The origin of the Malay Sjair The perception of Indonesia’s history and culture by Western historians and social scientists The Policy for employing Malays for the Indian Army The politics of Islam in Southeast Asia: A Rising Crescent The Portuguese Eurasians in Malaysia : Bumiquest, A Search for Self Identity The possessive syntactical type and the Malay language The Praak Sangkiil: Spotted Doves at War The Predicament of Thailand’s Southern Muslims The problems of succession in the Malay Sultanates The problems of succession in the Malay Sultanates The Pulau Condore Massacre The Pursuit of the Perak Regalia: Islamic Law and the Politics of Authority in the Colonial State The relations between ethnic groups in Malaysia and their reflection in contemporary Malay prose The Rise of Tambralinga and the Southeast Asian Commercial Boom in the Thirteenth Century The Role of Interpreters, or Linguas, in the Portuguese Empire During the 16th Century The Search for the ‘Origins’ of Melayu The Self and the Other: Re-visioning Melaka in Selected Literary Works The Singapore Malay Community: Enclaves and Cultural Domains The slave trade in Malacca The Structure of Government in the Colonial Federation of Malaya The study of Malay magic The subjugation of Keddah by the Siamese The Sultan and the Missionary The Sun and the Moon: A Contribution to the Mythologies of the Philippines, India and the Malay Peninsula The surrender of Dutch Malacca, 1795 The Thalang Letters, 1773-94: Political Aspects and the Trade in Arms The Translation of Metaphors in Malay Pantuns into English The treachery and cruelty of Malay pirates The variant versions of the Malay Annals The World's Oldest Trade: Dutch Slavery and Slave Trade in the Indian Ocean in the Seventeenth Century Theories of Indianization Thevet’s 'Cingaporla' (1575) Ties of Brotherhood: Cultural Roots of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia Tossing the Tiger: Performance in the Malay Wayang Towards an Economic Community: Exploring the Past Transactions of the Portuguese in India under the Government of Don Alfonso de Albuquerque Transitional Malay literature: Part 1 Ahmad Rijaluddin and Munshi Abdullah Two Indian Epics in Malay Two Malay Letters in the National Archives of Denmark Under One Roof: The Traditional Malay House Une cité-état de la Péninsule malaise: le Langkasuka Universe - Man - Text; The Sufi concept of literature (with special reference to Malay Sufism) Van der Tuuk and the study of Malay Variation in the Bugis-Makasarese script Vietnam-Champa Relations and the Malay-Islam Regional Network in the 17th-19th Centuries Visual composition of Malay woodcarvings in vernacular houses of Peninsular Malaysia VOC strategies in the Far East (1605-1640) We are playing relatives; Riau, the cradle of reality and hybridity Welcome To Bumi Sriwijaya or the Building of a Provincial Identity in Contemporary Indonesia When Asia was One Where does Malay come from? Twenty years of discussions about homeland, migrations and classifications Why the Saliendras were not a Javanese dynasty Words Over Borders: Trafficking Literatures in Southeast Asia Y-chromosomal STR Variation in Malays of Kelantan and Minang NEWS & DISPATCHES 1783 Difference in character between the Malays, and other Sumatrans 1787 The importance of the new settlement of Pulo Pinang 500 Malays settle on Prince of Wales Island 1788 Lansdown Indiaman officer murdered by the Malays 1791 HMS Cato survivors massacred by Malays Houghton Indiaman officers stabbed by Malay crewman 1793 Large Malay proa fleet attacks vessels in the Straits of Banca 1800 Survivorsof the HMS Resistance Survivors arrive in Malacca A Malayan serpent 1801 Schooners to sweep the Starits of Malay pirates Vessels captured in the Indian seas Granary of the Malay islands Barracks for Malay sailors erected near London 1802 Murder in Pelo Penang Lt. Slingsby shot by Malay chieftain 1803 Malays join mutinous Cape army 1804 Royal Malay Regiment massacred in Ceylon His Majesty's Malay regiment staunch to the end Attack on Candy Murder of the Candy garrison Malays vow vengeance against Candians Massacre of Candy garrison War in Ceylon Massacre of English troops The Capture of Candy Surrender of the Malay regiment War in Ceylon The massacre of Candy The melancholy affair at Candy The massacre at Candy Fate of the troops in Candy His Majesty's Malay Regiment officers killed and captured in Ceylon A most horrible massacre Attack on the Candy garrison Trincomalee beseiged The war in Candy Execution of the officer of His Majesty's Malay Regiment Candians to invade British territories Candians invade Batticolon Capture and destruction of Makey Capture and destruction of Makey Attack on a nest of pirates Prince of Wales Island Establishment of Prince of Wales Island 1805 Desperate action between Chinese vessels and Malay pirates Desperate action between Chinese vessels and Malay pirates 1806 American ship attacked by Malays at Riau Arrival of HMS Blenheim at Prince of Wales Island Malay Regiment officer alive Malay-Chinese disputes in Prince of Wales Island subside Execution of Malay seaman at Wapping 1807 Plunder by Malay pirates near Salangore Sloop of war Victor captured by Malays 1808 Murder in India 1810 Bloackade of Java and the Moluccas Insurrection by Malay soldiers on the island of Pulo Condore 1811 Expedition attacked by Malay prows 1812 Insurrection in Palembang 1813 Stabbing in London by Malays Malay indicted for murder Malay attempts to assassinate British officers in Palembang 1814 Malay pirates executed at Newgate Execution of Malay pirates 1815 Malay Regiment officer dies 1816 Piratical attacks in Java Piratical attacks on Java prows Some account of Poolo Penang, or Prince of Wales Island Malay slaves incited to support Napoleon Malay mutiny on the brig Sally and Mary Mutiny on the brig Sally and Mary 1817 Courtmartial of the crew of His Majesty's frigate Alceste Javanese and Malays mutiny on the ship Perseverance Malay attack on the crew of the H C ship Elphinstone The Malay Foreigner in Bristol The unknown foreigner Carraboo Proposal to seize pirates of all nations Dreadful massacre of Malay pilgrims Malays plunder shipwreck survivors 1818 Capture by the Sultan of Sambas of the brig Coriozo Malay mutiny on board the Endeavour Account of the coast of Pedeir and Acheen Customs of the inhabitants of the Celebes Embassy to China: Shipwreck of and attack by Malay pirates on the frigate Alceste Piracy of the brig Curious Manilla ship surrounded by Malay prows American-built pirate ship cruises the Thousand Islands 1819 Attack on the British ship Hunter by Malay prows Gallantry of Malay troops fighting the British in Ceylon Malay manuscript on Moral Sentiments Protest of Sir T S Raffles against the aggressions of the Dutch in the Malayan Archipelago Punishment for adultery among the Malays Raffles treaty with the King of Acheh and the Malay Sultan Revolution in Acheen Treaty with the Sovereign of Singapore, the expedition to Acheen Sumatra The island of Sumatra Native Malay soldier promoted after capture of Cingalese rebels Dutch frustrating commerce with Malay princes Support of Malay pirates by Sultan of Palembang Plunder of vessels on the Pedir coast Malay slaves traded in Mauritius 1820 The Dutch expedition against pirates Dutch expedition against Palembang, Malay pirates Expedition to Palembang Loss of The Harriet to Malay pirates Local history and relations of the Sultan of Johore and Rajah of Rhio Malay demons and witches Native and Dutch pirates Penang pirates, Rhio disturbances and assistance by the Rajah of Analaboo Relations of the British and Dutch with the Native Powers Tin of the Malay Peninsula, and of the Malay Islands The new settlerment of Singapore The new settlerment of Singapore Batavia Malays greatly discontented 1821 Murder at Amboyna Dutch expeditions against Palembang, Macassar and pirates Expedition to Palembang Magic of the Malays Pirates encouraged by the Sultan of Palembang Sultan of Palembang's extensive defences Interesting narrative of a voyage to Pulo Penang 1822 Sea Flower attacked by Malays Sea Flower attacked by Malays Portuguese instigate Siamese attacks Capture of Palembang King of Queda defeated Piracy of the ship Rozella and Calender Bux; hostilities between Queda and Siam The Siamese War 1823 Defence of the Seaflower against pirates 'Meng amuck' attempt to assassinate Colonel Farquhar Penang under Siamese blockade Short Notice of Pulo Nias Malay lascar released Malay seaman not compelled to leave England Insane Malay charged of felony 1824 Merchant seized by Malay pirates Merchant seized by pirates safe East India Company appeals for seizure of two Malay provinces Malay and Austrian sailors in Egyptian fleet against Greece Attack by Malay pirates on the ship Franklin Bugis Prahus in Singapore Description of Fort Marlborough Letter from the ship Nearchus East India Possessions Bill debates Narrative of the war between the Padrees and the Batavian government Piracy of the Brig General de Kock Proceedings of Parliament - East India Possessions 1825 Attack by 400 natives of Palembang Insurrection in Sumatra Fanatics commonly called the Padrees Insurrection in Java, Sumatra and Macassar Account of the Borneo Malays Piracy of the Malays: The General de Kock The death of Raja Bey Death of noted Malay pirate Melville Island and the enterprising Malay race Chinese junk attacked by Malay pirates Plundered by Malay pirates Address of the King of Quedah to the Governor of Penang 1826 Mission to the east coast of Sumatra Netherlands India in a state of insurrection The Rajah of Ligor A Tame Alligator Dreadful conflict at sea Dreadful conflict at sea 1827 Destruction of piratical posts at Penang Extirpation of piracy in Singapore Massacre on board The Tanga The East India Company's monopoly 1828 Piracy on the increase in Sumatra Piracy increasing on the west coast Gold mine in Malacca Attempt to burn the ship Anna in Acheen Daring act of piracy near Malacca Malay emigrants flee Siamese in Setual Murder by pirates Piratical seizure of a French brig by the Malays Employment of steamers against Malay pirates Crawfurd's 'Embassy to Siam and Cochin China' 1829 Topography of the Settlement of Malacca The East India Company's settlements in the Straits of Malacca An account of heroism by two native officers in the Malay Regiment during the Kandy War, 1803 1830 Massacre by the Malays Sultan of Palembang formenting disturbances Child carried off by Malays Capture of a rajah of Johor by piracy Disturbances in Sumatra Increasing piracy in Singapore Johor piracy Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court over piracy cases Malay plunder of the Dutch ship Helen Character of the Bugis Of the Malays in the interior of the Malay Peninsula The taking of Diepo Negoro Free trade to the east Plundered by Malay pirates Affairs of Quedah 1831 Public improvements for the native populations of Singapore Mr Dalton's Journal to Coti, Borneo, Part I Mr Dalton's Journal to Coti, Borneo, Part II The establishment of Singapore The dispute with Naning More atrocious piracies and the Bugis offer of help The war at Malacca Tigers infesting the vicinity of Singapore Quedah and Siam Commodore Hayes capture of the Malay fort of Muckie Accounts from the Naning war Accounts from the Quedah war Groans from Quedah Daring robbery attempt by Bencoolen Malay A narrative of the late Naning expedition (Part I) A narrative of the late Naning expedition (Part II) Narrative of the late Naning expedition Malay attack on revenue collectors in Province Wellesley The Naning Expedition Insurrection of the Malays at Padang Fast-sailing prows needed against Malay pirates The Malays of Singapore 1832 Pirates at Qualla Batu Severe punishment of Malay pirates Punishment of Malay pirates Punishment of pirates at Qualla Batu War with the Malays The Hero of Quedah Tuanku Koodin prepares another insurrection Tuanku Kudin of Quedah Quedah retaken by Siamese Expedition against the Malays A dashing and successful attack Description of a Malay piratical schooner Siamese army to subdue the Malayan States Siamese conquest of Patani Large Siamese army marches into Patani American expedition against the Malays Chinese boats fitted against Malay pirates Dispute with Chief of Naning Disastrous result of the expedition against Naning Expedition to Bukit Kechil Hostilities with Naning Expedition against Naning Operations against the Naning chieftain Naning: Accounts from Malacca Naning expedition: A disastrous affair Manifesto of the Penghulu of Naning Acts of aggression by Naning Malays Dutch pressed by the Malays in Sumatra 1833 Termination of the Naning war A dashing and successful attack on pirates Gallant exploit A nest of pirates Attack on a nest of Malay pirates Piracy off Junk Ceylon Nefarious tin duties by the Rajah of Linggi Destruction of Quallah Battoo Excursion to the tin mines of Sungai Ujong The Malays of the Peninsula more sinned against than sinning Piratical prows on the Eastern Malay Coast Pirate prows lurking outside Singapore Interference by the Rajah of Linggi in Malacca tin trade Port duties entitle protection against Malay piracy Courtmartial in HMS Harrier's skirmish against Malay pirates The late disturbances with the Naning people Suppression of the Rhio pirates by the Dutch Miseries of the captured Malays in Siam Siamese warboats sent to Trengganu Trengganu seeks British protection Naning affairs Accounts of the Naning expedition Naning Malays give up arms 1834 Capture of pirates by HMS Harrier 1835 Extraordinary tragedy at sea Extraordinary murder at sea Malay murder on the Rossendale Tragedy at sea Extraordinary murder on the high seas British trade with China 1836 Malay indicted for assault in Middlesex Lady Grant attacked by Malay pirates Malay pirate fleet defated off Manilla Malay pirate fleet defated off Manilla 24 Malay prahus attack gunboat off Corregidor Malay pirates Malay pirates on the Manilla coast The pirates in the Eastern Archipelago The present ex-King of Quedah Piracy in the Malayan Archipelago Escape of the brig Lady Grant from Malay pirates Daring attack by Malay pirates on the brig Fattal Gannie Native captives sold as slaves by pirates Pirates in great force near Dindings Orangutans: The Borneo Strangers Several instances of piracies committed near Singapore HMS Wolf and Zephyr in search of piratical fleet Pirate fleet at Point Romania recommence operations Panglima Awang's pirate fleet at Galang near Lingga Piracy in the Straits Expedition of the Wolf and Zephyr to Pulau Tinggi Good pirate hunting by the Wolf and Zephyr Extract from the Log of the HMS Wolf Piracy in the Straits Suppression of piracy by the Dutch Threatened invasion from the ex-Rajah of Kedah Invasion of Penang by the King of Quedah Malay invasion alarm in Penang Farcical reaction to Malay invasion alarm in Penang Attack on the Donna Carmelita by a large Malay prahu Fund for the suppression of piracy The Mary Ann attacked by piratical Malay prows Malay pirates Minerva escapes Malay pirates Chiefs of Salengore Linggi Letters to the Rajah of Quedah HMS Andromache against Malay pirates in the Rhio Roads HMS Andromache and the suppression of piracy The pirates in the Eastern Archipelago HMS Andromache continues cruise against the pirates HMS Andromache continues her cruise Successful attack on Malay pirates by HMS Andromache HMS Andromache proceeds from Rhio to Gallang HMS Andromache destroys pirate establishment at Gallang HMS Raleigh joins Andromache for the suppression of Malay piracy Rattan collector captured by pirates at Johore river Native ports in the Malay archipelago Involvement of Rajah of Lingin in Malay piracy Andaman natives captured in skirmishes with Malays Andaman cannibal escapes into Penang Malay pirates tried in Calcutta HMS Andromache assault on Panglima Awang Johol and its former dependencies of Jompole Gominchi HMS Raleigh's visit to the Rajah of Lingin Malay mutinies off the Pedir and Acheh coasts Atrocities on the west coast of Sumatra Robbery on the Changi River Attack on native boats in Changi river by Malay pirates Six Malays convicted of piracy Pirates on trial claim act of lawful hostility The Bark Sumatra and Malay pirates court cases Malay mutiny on the brig Zoroaster Soil and agriculture in the British settlement of Penang Operations of the Wolf and Zephyr against Malay pirates Letter on the history of the Empire of Johor Gallant actions against the Malay pirates The territory of the Sultan of Deli Achehnese atrocity on the brig Zoroaster The first census taken on the population of Singapore The case of the Malay pirates Piracy Case, Calcutta Supreme Court Report, August 15th, 1836 1837 Brave conduct of a British officer against Malay pirate fleet The Eastern Seas or Voyages and Adventures in the Indian Archipelago A Malay's revenge Sketch of the State of Muar Outline of relations with the native states on the Malay Peninsula Lt. Elliot's attack on a fleet of Malay pirate boats The exploits of the HMS Andromache Piracy on the East Coast Fate of the ex-King of Quedah Expedition against pirates along the East Coast The injuries suffered by the ex-King of Quedah at our hands Exaggerated reports of Malay pirate fleets Performance of Siamese war boats against Malay pirates Dutch attack on Bonjal fort The Rajah of Salengore's dispute with Perak Siam warned against reprisals against pirates in the Malay States The Malay pirates, with a sketch of their system and territory Quedah invaded by the Siamese 1838 Subjection of the Tigablas Kottas Killed in pursuit of Malay pirates A barbarian shield Tragedy on board the French ship Alexander Exploring expedition to the Asiatic Archipelago Confinement by the Malays In search of the pirate Panglima Tallie Destruction and capture of Malay pirates by the Danish vessel Matadore Whaler attacked by Malay pirates Rembau and the adjacent small states Pirate fleet reported off Dindings War of succession in Kelantan Pirate slave rescued in Pulau Aur Barbarous act of piracy in the Rhio Straits Prospect of Siamese alliance in Burma succession war Malay pirate attempt to board the Barque Star Account of the war in Kelantan Return of HM Sloop of War Wolf from Penang Concern over Malay opposition to Malacca land lease reforms Lease systems on lands in Malacca unpopular Malay feelings on proposed Malacca land changes Malacca lands Petition on Malacca lands system Captive pirates brought in by the steamer Diana Description of Illanoon pirate prahus Trial of the Malay pirates Trial of the Sooloo or Lanoon pirates Lanoon piracy in the Sooloo seas Effectiveness of steamers against pirates Siamese junk attacked by Illanoon pirates Malay medicine translated from the Kitab Taib Dutch operations in the Celebes Quedah retaken by the Malays Designs of the Dutch on Sumatra Pirates in the neighbourhood of Trengganu Siamese preparations for war against the Quedah Malays Plunder of the American ship Eclipse Dutch hostilities with the Bugis Malay attitude to Siam as a superior power Britain's uninvited assistance to Siam against the Quedah Malays 1839 Siam intent upon recovery of Quedah Preparations for war aginst the Malays Commercial activity of the islanders Extraordinary adventures in a South Sea whaler Attack on Quallah Battoo and Muckie Attack on The Eclipse by Malay pirates Another lesson to the Malay pirates 1840 Galantry of a Malay on board the Hellas Galantry of a Malay on board the Hellas Galantry of a Malay on board the Hellas New mode of warfare by the Malays Piracy by the Rajah of Salengore Attempt to burn the British fleet at Capsingmoon Attempt to burn the British fleet at Capsingmoon Malay vengeance - a true tale Malay sailor murdered in China 1841 The Pilot attacked by Malay pirates Massacre of British seamen by Malay pirates Mutiny of Malay recruits Mutiny of Malay recruits Running amuck Piracy and murder Murder and piracy Two Malays convicted of attack at Thames East India Dock 1842 Malay charged with wounding Chinaman at Thames East India Dock Malay indicted for attack at Thames East India Dock Loss of the Viscount Melbourne Loss of the Viscount Melbourne Loss of the Viscount Melbourne Loss of the Viscount Melbourne Coroner's investigation on the death of a Malay seaman Survivors run the gauntlet of Malay pirates Attack by Malay pirates on the Mary Robbery of a vessel by Malay sailors Loss of the Reliance Further particulars of the loss of the East Indiaman Reliance 1843 Regina rescues junk from Malay attack Pirates on the coast of Borneo The Dutch colonies Tale of a tiger A Tiger Story Singapore harbour and forests of Sumatra Daring attempt by Malay convicts to take the ship Harriet Scott Daring attempt by Malay convicts to take the ship Harriet Scott Malay convicts take the ship Harriet Scott 1844 Attempted piracy by Malay convicts Daring attempt by Malay convicts to take the ship Harriet Scott Daring attempt by some Malay convicts to take the ship Harriet Scott The Harriet Scott Seizure of a ship at sea Desperate encounters with Malay pirates Sumatran pirates British expedition to Sumatra Malay pirates Malay pirates Expedition against the piratical tribes of Borneo Attack on the pirates of Sakarran Piracy in the East New Merchant Seamen's Act Wars of the people of Borneo 1845 The Serhassan pirates The Sakarran pirates Possession of Borneo The attack on the pirates of Borneo Lascar seamen Lascar seamen A rhinoceros killed Occupation of Laboan 1846 The Expedition to Borneo of the HMS Dido for the suppression of piracy The Expedition to Borneo of the HMS Dido for the suppression of piracy The Crusade of the Dido Women fighters among the Malays 1847 The Iris and Wolf on the coast of Borneo The Suloo pirates resume courage The Borneo pirates Claim for Malay pirates refused 1848 Narrative of the Voyage of the HMS Samarang Voyage of the Samarang Anecdote of savage life Cases of piracy a daily occurence Sooloos determined to retake Maludu Spanish expedition against the pirates Piracy, murder and shipwreck Piracy, murder and shipwreck The mutiny and massacre on board of a convict ship Raja Brooke's journal Sooloo pirate expedition against the Sultan of Bruni Dutch expeditions to Bally and Sooloo Piracy in the Indian Archipelago Malay piracy Piracy in the Indian Archipelago Labuan The Malays running a-muck in the right direction 1849 Sir James Brooke and the pirates Questionable use of our ships of war in Sarawak Murders in Labuan Tomongong's house attacked by Chinese gang Little evidence to justify Brooke expedition Conciliation and Peace - War and Slaughter The Expedition against the Sakarran and Sarebas pirates The Expedition against the Sakarran and Sarebas pirates The Head Money of the Samarang Alleged massacre of Bornean pirates The Sarebas and Sakarran pirates Pirates of the China seas Expedition against the Chinese pirates Confounding proved pirates with suspected pirates Capture of pirates 1850 Gross ignorance of the Malay pirates of Borneo Borneo and its resources Expedition against the Chinese pirates Confounding Chinese pirates with Malay The Massacre off the coast of Borneo Destruction of Bornean pirates Bornean pirates Challenge to the defamers of Sir J. Brooke Malay pirates Rajah Brooke's native allies The 'facts' of the Times on the Malay pirates of Borneo Destruction of Bornean pirates Malayan vs Dyak piracy The Times and its Anglo-Saxon Rajah Head Money for pirates The Times and Borneo The Times and Rajah Brooke The Times and Rajah Brooke's Special Pleaders Bill to repeal the Head Money Act against Malay piracy Head money and the piracies of the Indian archipelago British pirates in North Borneo Piracy - A voice from Singapore Sarawak - Repression of piracy or consolidation of a Rajah? A voice from the clouds speaking of Borneo Piracy in China and the Indian archipelago Lord Grey and Rajah Brooke British vessel attacked by Malay pirates Piracy in China and the Indian archipelago Indiscriminate slaughter from the Head Money Act Debate on sums paid for the capture of pirates Inquiry into the employments of Her Majesty's forces in Borneo The massacre of Malay pirates Parliamentary proceedings on the Borneo pirates Marine marauders in Malay waters Pirates' Head Money Albay infested with pirates 1851 Rajah Brooke and Borneo The Borneo pirates The prahus of the Sakarran and Sarabas Dyaks The Borneo pirates Rajah Brooke and the Dyaks of Sarawak The Borneo piracy question Italian ship attacked by Malay pirates Rajah Brooke and his government at Sarawak Sir J. Brooke's Account of the Borneo mission Sir James Brooke's government in Borneo Europeans murdered by ship's Malay crew Malay sailors murder European officers and passengers Mutiny and murder by Malay crew Tragedy on board the British ship Fawn Slaughter of a European crew by Malays 1852 Death of a grandson of Burns the poet in Borneo Attack on the schooner Dolphin by Lanun and Sooloo pirates What is a Kris? And where is Maludu Bay? A Malay festival Review: Crawfurd's Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language Review: Crawfurd's Grammar and Dictionary of the Malay Language Depravity of a young lady and a Malay beggar Mahomet the blind beggar and his female companion The blind Malay beggar and Eliza James Brooke and the Eastern Archipelago Company 1853 Review: Keppel's A Visit to the Indian Archipelago in HMS Meander Keppel's visit to the Indian Archipelago Is Sir J Brooke a buccaneer? Review: Keppel's A Visit to the Indian Archipelago in HMS Meander Malacca The Malays The pirates of Borneo The pirates of Borneo The pirates of Borneo The inhabitants of Borneo The forts of Sir James Brooke A discovered Corsair! Sagacity of Singapore buffaloes The Higginson burnt by Malay crew Malacca and the Malays Malay seaman dies by the visitaion of God Outrage upon a Chinese ship by a Malay prince Piracy by the Rajah of Trengganu Chinese junk plundered by Malay prince Seizure of a Chinese junk and murder of her crew Influence of geological character on the progress of European colonisation Cruise in search of pirates Sir James Brooke and the Dyaks Escape of an American from a Dutch dungeon Pulu Penang Malay mutiny on board an English barque Review: The Indian Archipelago by Horace St John Murder on the high seas The alleged murder on the high seas Mutiny and murder on the high seas Killing of five seamen in affray The alleged murder on the high seas Daring robbery of Malay seaman The alleged murder on the high seas Affray on board The Queen of the Teign The alleged murder on the high seas The late mutiny The manslaughter of Lascars Free trade and foul trade Invasion of Malacca by Orang Rawa 1854 The Rajah of Sarawak Scaldings in eastern seas Costs of suppression of piracy in Singapore Piracy in the Indian seas Chinese riots at the British settlement at Singapore Malay cure for cholera Malay method of treating cholera Treatment of cholera by Malay quacks Pirates collecting in force at Pulo Tiga An absurd panegyric on Rajah Brooke Malay mariner dies of exposure to cold 1855 Nineteen Malay seamen survive 'Brahmin' ship wreck Shocking occurrence on board the Liverpool ship 'Duncan' A Malay Enchanter Malay customs The Brooke and Borneo Inquiry Sir James Brooke and the Foreign Office Malay sailor indicted for stealing sweetmeats A Bengalese and Malay quarrel 1856 A chief of the Malay priests Singular destruction of a vessel A tough old woman and the cannibals Lascars charged with desertion Massacre at sea by Malay crew The Malay for 'women' and 'flowers' A Malay test Malay device to frighten dogs Malay mutineers sent for trial in Holland An oriental murder Malay confesses to 18 murders 1857 Quedah, or stray leaves from a journal in Malayan waters Quedah, or stray leaves from a journal in Malayan waters Burglary by Lascars Affray in the Mersey A Malay can always thrash a Chinese Ill-treatment of Malay sailor in Canton Malay mariner dies of privation Singapore: The resort of tigers, pirates and outlaws The duellist's story Kedah in the Voyages of Sinbad The Palmerstonian policy of conquest Malay crews in the Opium War Malay and Dayak troops quell insurgency in Borneo Slaughter in Sarawak Massacre survivors attacked by pirates Sir James Brooke and the Chinese Revolt of the Chinese in Sarawak The Chinese insurrection in Borneo The insurrection at Sarawak The insurrection at Sarawak More Chinese outrages The Chinese in Borneo Penang Malays corrupted by intercourse with Chinese The Chinese - by one of themselves The native Malay under the influence of the 'muck' Malay mutiny onboard Dutch merchant ship Malay revenge Robbery by a Malay Stabbing by Malay seaman Lascars charged with mutinous conduct Malay soldiers eager to fight Sepoy mutineers 1858 The Malays of Cape Town Malays soldiers employed by English filibusters English filibusters in the East Sir James Elphinstone on Singapore Our Straits Settlement Sir James Brooke and Borneo Rajah Brooke and missionary efforts Rajah Brooke and his claims Part I Rajah Brooke and his claims Part II Dutch colonization in Borneo Malay seaman charged with stealing frock The limits of our colonial empire Malay and Dyak expedition against Sarebas Dyaks Malay recruits for China 1859 Capture by Malay pirates Malay pluck before an execution Melancholy disaster and sufferings at sea Sufferings at sea Tigers in Singapore Tigers in Singapore Survivors of the Sir Charles Napier seized by pirates 1860 Malay seaman charged with stealing Murder of a Malay onboard the Jeremiah Thompson Murder onboard the Jeremiah Thompson 1861 Malay sailors at London's Horrors Malay inspiration behind the Norton projectile Dutch and British rule in the East Captain Kain of the Grampus 1862 A Malay female conjuror Robbery on board a schooner The Borneo pirates The Bishop of Labuan's encounter with Malay pirates Borneo pirates and their victims Of Malay cookery The Malays of Cape Town Dreadful shipwrech and loss of life of Malay pilgrims Dreadful shipwrech and loss of life of Malay pilgrims Malay pilgrims in fearful shipwreck Fearful shipwreck and great loss of life The Malays: Running "a muck" Abdoul the Malay in Phanleon's adventures in the East Malay charged with neglecting to support a wife 1863 Murder onboard the Ethiopian Malay remanded for murder on board the Brigantine Ethiopian Malay charged with muder on board ship The bombardment of Trengganu The varieties of Man in the Malay archipelago Singapore and the arms trade Stabbing by Malay cook onboard the Maria y Vicenta Singapore infested with tigers 1864 Stabbing by Malay cook onboard the Maria y Vicenta Murder on the high seas Murder of the Captain and crew of the Flowery Land The case of piracy and murder on the high seas The case of piracy and murder on the high seas The daring case of piracy on board the Flowery Land The Flowery Land piracy Mutiny, murder and piracy The case of murder and piracy on board the Flowery Land The colony of Singapore Champa a Malay colony Travels in the central parts of Indochina, Cambodia and Laos Destruction of an English ship by Chinese pirates Destruction of an English ship by Chinese pirates Life in Java Carried away by a tiger Two Malay seamen charged with stabbing A strange murder attempt Why the tiger is eaten 1865 A tiger at sea The origin of monkeys The origin of monkeys Tigers in Singapore Tigers in Singapore Life in the forests of the Far East How to deal with tigers How to deal with tigers Our tropical possesions in Malayan India Death by, attack of and cowardice of tigers Running amoks Our tropical possesions in Malayan India The Government of Singapore Adventures among the Dyaks of Borneo Adventures among the Dyaks of Borneo A curious justification of torture A brave madman Malay costume and customs Malay seaman runs amok in Madras Double murder by Malay on the Madras Roads Fearful scenes on board a ship at Madras Shocking murders on board the British ship Harriett Frightful scene on board Madras ship Domestic life in Borneo Malay cure for cholera Running amok An adventure with pirates 1866 A fatal Malay dagger A poisoned Malay kreese The Temenggong of Johore's arrival in London The correct designation of the Malay prince in London A Malay prince's arrival in London The Maharajah of Johore in Liverpool The Maharajah of Johore in Dublin The anti-slavery contest in Holland Dutch politics in the Malay archipelago An adventurous journey across the Malay Peninsula An adventurous journey across the Malay Peninsula 1867 Tiger-hunting in Java Murder of the crew of the merchant ship Assam Valley Expedition against pirates in the Nicobar Islands Expedition to the Nicobar Islands Chinese and Malay pirates infesting the East India coast 1868 Malay crew deserts shipwreck Orbituary of Mr John Crawfurd, distinguished Oriental scholar Death of Mr John Crawfurd Death of Mr John Crawfurd Death of Mr John Crawfurd Death of Mr John Crawfurd Death of Rajah Brooke Orbituary of Rajah Brooke Officers of the Elcanao stabbed by Malay cook Expedition of the Wasp and the Satellite against the Nicobar pirates How Sir James Brooke became Rajah of Sarawak 1869 Travels in the East Indian archipelago Travels in the East Indian archipelago Travelling in Java Colonial greviances in Singapore A Malay's whaling adventure Wallace's 'The Malay Archipelago' Wallace's 'The Malay Archipelago' Wallace's 'The Malay Archipelago' 'The Malay Archipelago' Social conditions and civilization in the Malay Archipelago Secret societies in Penang Running a muck Celebes - Fear of myself Punishment for infidelity in the Malay Archipelago Malay funeral ceremonies in New Orleans Malay charged with stabbing in Cardiff Head hunters in the East Indian Archipelago Head hunters in the Malay Archipelago 1870 Indian or native troops for the Malay colonies? Castaways: Adventure in the wilds of Borneo In the Eastern Seas: A Tale for Boys 1871 Destruction of a nest of pirates Destroying a nest of pirates Attack on Chinese pirates by British seamen Engagement with pirates Destruction of Salangore Among pirates Encounter with pirates The Algerine's brush with Malay pirates Malay mutiny on board the 'Flowery Land' Suppression of piracy on the Malay coast Mutiny on board the Nounan A fight with the pirates of Sarawak 1872 Malay affray at Thames Asiatic Seamen's Home Malays and other seamen at London's West India Dock Road 1873 The disastrous Achehnese Expedition Dutch military operations against Acheh Description of the kingdom of Acheh Political relations with Acheh The Dutch colonial system Disastrous Dutch expedition to Acheh Acheh seeks Turkish help against Holland Education of Malays in the Straits Settlements 1874 The Dutch war in Sumatra Gladstone on the British-Dutch treaty of 1834 Gladstone on Disraeli's policies on the Straits Disraeli on relations with the Dutch in the Straits of Malacca In support of Dutch control of Sumatra The Dutch war in Acheh Dutch break Malay power in Acheh The Dutch war in Acheh Protection of the Straits transferred to the Colonial Office A nest of Malay pirates The growth of Empire in the Straits Our Mission in the Straits Extract from the Diary of an officer engaged in the Achehnese Expedition Hikayat Abdulla: A Malay Autobiography The Mohammedans of Cape Town Autobiography of Abdullah Munshi of Malacca Glimpses of the Far East from the Hikayat Abdulla Andrew Clark's gunboat policy in the Straits Andrew Clark and the Malay Peninsula Mr Thomson's Straits of Malacca Mr Thomson's ten years' travels in the Straits Mr Thomson's Malacca and Singapore 1875 Andrew Clark's work of reform in the Straits British and Malay flags hoisted at Perak Translations from the Hikayat Abdullah Thames Courts: Malay seaman charged with causing death Malay mutiny on Siamese ship Malay seaman attacked by 'amok' War in the Malay Peninsula The War in the Malay Peninsula Outbreak amongst the Malays Perak and Laroot The Malay Rising Our latest little war (in the Malay Peninsula) Murder of the British Resident at Perak Murder of the British Resident at Perak Hastening the annexation of the independent Malay States The outrage of Perak: The murder of Birch Intelligence on Perak The assassination of the British Resident at Perak The murder at Perak The murder of the Resident at Perak Sacrifice of another British official to Eastern lawlessness and treachery The outrage at Perak Fighting with the Malays The Malay outbreak Warlike movements in the Malay Peninsula War vessels arrive near Perak Force despatched to Perak Fight with the Malays at Perak Officer killed in attack on Malay stockade The trouble in Perak The outbreak at Perak Operations against the Malays The disturbances in the Malay Peninsula The Malay outbreak 80th Regiment to proceed to Perak Gunboats muster at Singapore The outbreak at Perak Origins of the Malay outbreak Outbreak of Malay passion against British power The Malay Disturbances A Straits resident on the outbreak at Perak Another war with the barbarians, or pirates, of the Straits of Malacca The murder of Mr Birch Naval force assembled at Singapore The late Mr Birch The Malay disturbances and outbreak A serious war in the Malay Peninsula An irritating little war in Perak The murder of the Resident at Perak The fighting with the Malays Outbreak amongst the Malays The troubles in the Straits Settlements Perak: A direct attack upon England that must be avenged The murder of Mr Birch at Perak: Official details The murder of Mr Birch The Malays stockaded at Perak The outbreak at Perak The difficulties in the Straits Settlements The outbreak at Perak Attack on Malay stockade repulsed Correspondence: The disturbances in the Malay Peninsula Our Residents among the Malays The slender garrisons in our Malay colonies The late Captain Innes, killed in the engagement with the Malays Perak: A Little War The War with the Malays The difficulties in the Straits Settlements The murder of Mr Birch Our latest little war in Perak Perak and Larut Perak: Another little war Affairs in Perak were not going on smoothly No general insurrection of the Malays The use of sharpened bamboo in Malay stockades The war in the Malay Peninsula Civilizing Malaya The affray leading to Mr Birch's murder Further good news from Perak Failure of the Perak rebels The Malay disturbances Four Malay stockades shelled and taken Malay insurgents chastised Actions of the Straits Government before the Perak outbreak Reinforcements for Malaya Disturbances in the Malay Peninsula anticipated Our position in the Malayan Peninsula Malays flee in disorder The practical annexation of Perak Affairs in Perak Our meddling in Perak affairs Another annexation at Perak Malay stockades captured Malay stockades captured 1876 The end of the Malayan war The Malay Rising The war with the Malays 1878 Perak and the Malays, or Sarong and Kris 1882 The Golden Prime Origin of the Malays in the Malagasy 1884 A Malay kalifa in Capetown 1886 Fortune's Wheels: The rising of the Malays in Sumatra 1888 The hunting of the Hydra The Protected States of the Malay Peninsula 1892 Pahang in revolt Pahang, the scene of the recent outbreak The Asiatic artillery of Ceylon 1893 A Day in Singapore 1904 The Rajah and the pirate Sulu pirate boats The Malay States 1910 Malay tiger trap 1920 Affair with the pirates of Selangor fifty years ago 1942 Crisis in the British Empire: Malaya 1951 Malaya: Rich but Uneasy Malaya: The Forgotten War Minuteman in Malaya Return to SEJARAH MELAYU website