Azizan, Oh, Azizan!

Dec 7th, 1998

Remember the time we all fell off our chairs when former SB director Mohamad Said Awang said "I may or I may not lie in court .."?

Well, another key prosecution witness Azizan Abu Bakar turned up in court this week with not one, not two, not even three, but four gems!

"I don't remember......when, where he sodomised me"
"I don't remember ... when I went from being a driver to a company director"
"I wasn't aware of what Anwar was doing to me"
And best of all: "He did not sodomise me!"

"I don't remember......when, where he sodomised me"

Azizan Abu Bakar could not remember when, where and at what times he was sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim.

When asked how he managed to "fill in the blanks" for Ms Ummi Hafilda Ali to write his sworn statement to the Prime Minsiter in August last year: "I gave her some facts and she produced the statement."

Azizan said he was sodomised in several top Kuala Lumpur hotels but he could not link the hotels to specific dates. He said he couldn't remember checking into any hotels.

Mr Fernando shot back: "So, you cannot remember the dates. So, you cannot remember the times. So, you cannot remember registering into any hotel. Yet you were able to give Ummi the 'facts' so that she could write your sworn statement which alleged crimes committed by Datuk Seri Anwar."

Azizan said Ms Ummi had written the whole statement. He had asked her to do it because "she was very good in Bahasa ... I just signed it when she called me over to her office after it was prepared"

"I don't remember ... when I went from being a driver to a director"

FROM driver to director. That was Mr Azizan Abu Bakar's meteoric rise up the social ladder last year. The court heard that sometime before August last year, Mr Azizan was offered a directorship in a company. He accepted.

The firm was called Azariq Sdn Bhd and it was in Cheras. The company dealt in radio and telecommunication equipment, offered household removal services and supplied manpower.

Azizan had earlier denied that he was ever a director but when Christopher Fernando pressed him to "think properly before answering", he remembered that he was indeed a company director.

Azizan couldn't remember exactly when he was made a director. Mr Fernando remarked: "For a driver, it must have been a dramatic change in status to be given directorship . . .Surely you must know when this 'big thing' happened?"

Azizan said he couldn't remember the exact month - only that it happened before August last year. (August last year, if you remember, was the time he handed his sworn statement to Dr M)

He said the company had financial problems and he wanted to help turn it around. Mr Fernando wanted to know where he got the money for this. He said he wasn't provided with any. He also said that he didn't know what his functions were and that he wasn't given any facilities.

In other words, no perks. No director's fees either. He said he never received anything.

Mr Fernando smiled and added: "So you were a company director with no function, no fees, no funds and no facilities?"

Shaking his head, he said he had no further questions then but would get back to the matter in later cross-examination.

"I wasn't aware of what he was doing to me"

FOR five years, Azizan stated that he never realised that the "thing" Anwar Ibrahim was doing to him was vile, heinous and dirty. It was only after he had met Ms Ummi Hafilda Ali in June last year that he came to his senses.

Mr Fernando said that he found it unbelievable that this went on from 1992 to 1997, and then Mr Azizan suddenly realised that he was being abused and had to make a sworn statement to expose the abuser.

"Ummi made me aware of the heinous acts that had been carried out on me .... before that, I didn't know and I wasn't aware about what the accused (Anwar) was doing to me."

"He did not sodomise me!"

This last testimony requires no further comment - the transcript alone shows how ridiculous it is.

Fernando to Azizan: "I put it to you that it was because Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim did not do anything to you that you continued to visit him between 1992 and 1997, otherwise you would have stayed far, far away."

Azizan: "Ya"

[gasps from crowd]

Court intrepreter: "Saya nyatakan kepada kamu bahawa adalah kerana Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak melakukan apa-apa kepada kamu yang menyebabkan kamu berulangkali menziarahinya diantara tahun 1992 dan 1997, yang mana jika tidak sudah tentu kamu telah pergi jauh, jauh darinya."

Azizan: "Saya tak faham apa makna 'tidak melakukan apa-apa' "

Fernando to Judge: Your Honour, he has answered the question by saying 'yes'. Can Your Honour record his answer?"

The Judge asks Fernando to rephrase the question and use the word "sodomise" instead.

Fernando to Azizan: "I put it to you that he did not sodomise you, that's why you continued to visit him between '92 and '97."

Court interpreter: "Saya nyatakan kepada kamu bahawa Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim tidak meliwat kamu, dan itu sebabnya kamu berulangkali menziarahinya diantara tahun 1992 dan 1997"

Azizan: "Saya setuju"

Probably unable to believe his ears, the Court intrepreter repeats response: "Saya bersetuju bahawa Datuk Seri Anwar tidak meliwat saya dan oleh sebab itu saya terus menziarahi beliau antara tahun 92 dan 97."

Azizan: "Saya setuju"

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