From a friend who was at
The Mosque

September 19th, 1999

Louder and louder
The chants rise,
Swelling and pulsing,
Of one accord.

The battle cry a year old
But no less potent
And no less needed.

A moving sea of people
Peaceful, purposeful,
Demanding justice.
When unprovoked, the police

Chaos -
Stinging eyes
And throats,
Cries amid the lies.
Tear gas canisters
The water cannon

Today my heart bled
For the country,
Where the innocent
Are beaten and pushed back;
Where those in power

And Darkness seems to fall
Encompassing all.
Yet, the swell grows
The brave press on

And the flame can never,
Must never,
Be quenched.

~ by Kid (LLC)

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