The Pledge of September 20th

by Datin Seri Wan Azizah, September 20th, 1998

We who are gathered in Kuala Lumpur

Hereby reaffirm our loyalty to the nation.

We pledge to defend the freedom and sanctity of the nation to the last drop of our blood.

For the sake of a future more brilliant:

We resolve to launch the Reform Movement articulated in the Permatang Pauh Declaration.

We resolve to revive the spirit of freedom.

We strive in the name of true freedom.

We will not suffer injustice and oppression in the land.

We will not suffer the replacement of foreign oppressors with those raised from among ourselves.

We oppose all cruel and oppressive laws.

We oppose every law or regulation which denies the people their fundamental rights and freedoms.

We resolve to establish humane governance, one founded upon the principles of justice and goodness, subservient to the rule of law, not to the caprice of the self-serving.

We denounce those who corrupt our system of justice.

We denounce those who abuse the apparatus of state, including the police, to serve their selfish interests.

We denounce corruption, abuse of power and the conspiracy devised by a greedy elite to blind the people to the truth in order to maintain their grip on power and wealth

>From amid the ruins of Malacca, we raise the spirit of freedom.

We are united against oppression.

We are united in our resolve to establish justice.

Long live the people! Glory to Malaysia!

Give victory to Reform!

Banish the enemies of Reform!

We demand the resignation of Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad!

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