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December 7th, 1998

A review of the Socialist Malaysia website at

The first thing that struck me about Socialist Malaysia was the news section, which one would have thought would be the main anchor of the website and give first-time visitors a general idea as to what the organisation behind it stands for. But visitors reading it could be forgiven for thinking that they had inadvertently stumbled onto AnwarGate or some other similar 'I-Hate-Anwar' website.

Particularly interesting was the long list of about two dozen Anwar friends and family members, outlining in staggering detail which companies they owned, what shares they have, where they live and how much the house cost, even what cars they drive. This would have been quite reasonable if they had also got into great length about Mahathir's or Daim's friends and family members - but Socialist Malaysia doesn't seem to have been as enthusiastic digging up the dirt on these particular individuals.

In fact, Parti Rakyat Malaysia's Dr Syed Husin Ali's letter to the New Straits Times and Kadir Jasin today could have just as easily been applied to Socialist Malaysia! You will remember that Syed was commenting on how the NST and some other papers have been enthusiastically exposing the companies, businesses and amount of shares owned by Datuk Zahid Hamidi and Datuk A Rahim Ghouse but seemed to be ignoring companies, businesses and shares owned by those considered to be Mahathir's cronies. A case of great minds thinking alike, perhaps?

This set the tone for pretty much most of the 'news' found on Socialist Malaysia - Anwar is a "Jekyll and Hyde", "Master Conspirator", "Chauvinist" and (most vicious slur of all) "worse than Mahathir". Mahathir, apparently, was not deserving of such accolades. About the worst thing I could find written about Mahathir on Socialist Malaysia was that he was "interested in his own personal gain"! Ooooo ... nasty one, that. In fact there was even a compliment of sorts from the webmasters of Socialist Malaysia - "Mahathir, at least, never mince his words but Anwar, as the native Americans said it, has a forked tongue."

Particularly revolting was a little piece entitled "50 Reasons Why the PM Cannot Be Anwar", which was so full of f*** words and comments about Anwar's genitals and orifices that it would have even made Khalid Jaffri and Ummi Hafilda blush.

Strangely, the rest of the website consists of the usual high-minded socialist ideals - much of it looks very much like just a simple cut-and-paste job from the World Socialist Web Site, with little or no modification. In fact, the noble vanguard-of-the-proletariat intellectual idealism of one half of the website appears a stark contrast to the crude, vulgar "50 dalil"-type character assassination of the other half - which makes me wonder who really is the Jekyll and Hyde here.

Oh by the way, the don't seem to like PAS very much either, which they called " the party of religious extremists who have no feeling whatsoever towards people of other religions and faiths" .

For an organisation calling itself "socialist", it does not seem to have been politically-attuned to the fact that the political drama - and the political struggle - now has gone well beyond Anwar the man. Instead of seeking to make the rakyat aware of the gross manipulation of our democratic institutions by the ruling elite that has been so graphically and brutally demonstrated in this issue, they seem to be indirectly parroting the government line that Anwar is a monster and he as well as his sympathisers deserve all they're getting now. Instead of educating and guiding their toiling masses towards supporting the progressive forces at work in the country, they seem to be doing their best to justify the actions of the oligarchy and the forces of reaction (if I may use the usual Socialist jargon).

So, guys, do forgive me if I give Socialist Malaysia a miss come the next elections - if I want socialism, I'll vote PRM - they don't like Anwar very much too, but at least they're decent about it. Voting for you guys now feels too much like voting for Khalil Jaffri.

And your lofty pontificating about "socialist principles and fighting for social and economic justice to create a democratic society" sort of jars next to your little quips about "DPM (Double Penetration Master)" and "f***ing gays".

P.S. For a real socialist party, go to Parti Rakyat Malaysia’s website at

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