We are not stupid

September 5th, 1998

Dato' Seri Anwar is probably the most popular man in Malaysia today. Everyone loves an underdog - especially one that bites back hard. Dato' Seri Anwar has demonstrated that he has three vital organs that seem to be absent from the UMNO leadership (except Dr Mahathir) - a brain and two balls.

Anwar was on the way out. We all saw it coming months ago - we are not stupid. And he certainly knew it. He could have easily took the easy way out and resigned - with a few choice Chairmanships of companies to keep him happy and quiet. There was no way he could stay. But he didn't quit.

All the obvious and not-so-obvious lies being spewed by his opponents and our emasculated media prior to the event up to toaday has gone a long way to making him seem more and more a victim of the powerful and strong.

"There is no rift bewteen us" "Do I have to kiss him in the street to prove there is no rift" ....

We are not stupid.

The TV3 news puts his sacking as the fourth or fifth news item on the night - well behind an item on some school exams being made optional. As though we'd somehow miss it if it were somewhere in the middle and very brief. A Crony's newspaper screams "Anwar sodomised me 15 times" on the front page as though it has already been proven as fact by a court of law. Hell, I could write an even more eloquent affidavit against a 'top leader' and make him sound like Satan, and get a lawyer to file it - but will you ever see it on the front page of the papers?

We are not stupid.

We now have the "Dalils" in the affidavit. Traitor, sodomist, rapist, lecher, illegitimate father, spy, murderer, thief .... they try to think of as many villains as they can and try to stick it all in for good measure, just in case people would believe at least one. These guys don't even have the imagination and subtlety to lie well! The only thing missing is child molester - and I won't be surprised if some un-named 'witness' calls him that in tomorrow's paper as well, if it weren't for the fact that it would remind people of someone else beloved of the Great One!

We are not stupid.

It was announced that his sacking was a "Cabinet" decision - the very next morning some ministers from that very same cabinet express "...surprise".

We are not stupid.

I am not an UMNO man. I had never fully trusted Dato' Seri Anwar. I have disagreed with many of his statements and positions on issues. I have never forgiven him, a victim of the ISA, for not doing anything to repeal that Colonial law. I don't think he was that great an economist or Minister. He doesn't even write particularly good speeches. And even if he did find the time (in between being the country's number 2 and managing its tottering economy) to commit that long list of crimes he's accused of - there is certainly more of a man in the one little whisker of little goatee than in all of the UMNO Supreme Council put together. For there is no honour and no courage in these men.

So why has all this happened? How did we allow this to happen?

Today I am ashamed to be a Malay, and a Malaysian. Because I really suspect that we are stupid.

Merdeka? Merdeka? Merdeka?

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