They call us many things

They call us many things....

They who cannot see
Call us blind
Because we see only Evil,
The crimes of their Blindness.

They who cannot hear
Call us deaf
Because we only hear
The cries from their prisons.

The cowards
They call us afraid
Because our wounds bleed freely
And their police fight bravely
Against our children's screams.

The thieves
They call us criminals
Because we refuse
To let their victims starve.

The patriots
They call us traitors
Because we have no pride In a nation
that kills freedom slowly.

The Faithful, the Believers,
They call us sinners
Because we do not believe in their God
Who sanctifies Evil.

They call us
Reformists ...
They call us many things,
Because we give eyes,
and a voice,
to the anger of the people.

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