A Reformasi Diary by Sabri Zain



Face Front by Rehman Rashid (Agenda Malaysia)
Face Off, The Book by Chong Yen Long (MalaysiaKini)
A Malaysian Reformasi Diary by Lim Li Min (Agenda Seni)
A Reformasi Chronicler by Rizal Jalil (MalaysiaKini)
Reformasi's ongoing fight by Sangwon Suh (ASIAWEEK)
Face Off by Charles Tan (myScissors.com)
A Diary of the Malaysian Reformasi by David Jardine (Jakarta Post)
Writing Reformasi by Khoo Boo Teik (Kyoto Review)
Strangers Within the (Imagined) Community: A Study of Modern Malay Identity in U-Wei Hj Shaari's Jogho and Sabri Zain's Face Off by Khoo Gaik Cheng (Review of Indonesian and Malaysian Affairs)

Media Interviews

Unmasking Sabri Zain (MalaysiaKini)
Writer Sabri Zain re-lives Reformasi (Harakah)
Reluctant Scribe (Today, Singapore)


The gathering storm - An Introduction
The spark is lit, September 20th, 1998
A day at the cinema, September 26th, 1998
Lantern in the darkness, October 5th, 1998
Shopping for justice, October 10th, 1998
When anger overcame fear, October 17th, 1998
Rain of terror, October 24th, 1998
"We don't tell lies ... up to a point", November 9th, 1998
Waiting for justice, November 13th, 1998
Speech Outside The Courthouse of The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim, November 13th, 1998
Malaysia's top brains answer the call for a PM 'replica', December 13th, 1998
A brief (but helpful) guide to reading the Malaysian Press, December 28th, 1998
An evening with justice, January 16th, 1999
Rising from the ashes, January 30th, 1999
All part of the struggle, February 1st, 1999
Changing times, February 2nd, 1999
Heroes, February 13th, 1999
The storm and the rainbow, February 28th, 1999
Avenue to Peace, Road to Independence, March 6th, 1999
All honourable men, March 13th, 1999
Law and justice, March 16th, 1999
The Accused, March 20th, 1999
Candles in the wind, March 29th, 1999
Night market, April 3rd, 1999
The eye of justice, April 4th, 1999
Wishing upon a shooting star, April 11th, 1999
A night out in the town, April 13th, 1999
Judgement Day, April 14th, 1999
Comrade, fight on, April 17th-19th, 1999
The Great Leader, April 20th, 1999
Record of shame, May 22nd, 1999
Light in the darkness, May 23rd, 1999
The boy who cried wolf, May 25th, 1999
The Emperor's new clothes, June 13th, 1999
Barbarians at the gates, June 18th, 1999
Democracy on-line, August 6th, 1999
Protecting your teenager from politically-explicit on-line material, August 6th, 1999
The Reformasi Aptitude Test, August 13th, 1999
Independence Day, August 30th-31st, 1999
Poison, September 11th, 1999
Anniversary Day, September 19th, 1999
The rainbow on the horizon - Epilogue


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