61 Ursae Majoris is an orange-yellow main sequence dwarf star in the constellation Ursa Major. This star is somewhat smaller and fainter than the Sun, and can just barely be seen by the unaided eye (based on a magnitude limit of 6). It is located about 31.1 light-years from Sol. It lies in the southeastern corner of Constellation Ursa Major, the Great Bear, which also encompasses the Big Dipper or Plough -- east of Alula Borealis (Nu Ursae Majoris) and northeast of Alula Australis (Xi or Ksi Ursae Majoris).

61 Ursae Majoris

In Star Trek: Enterprise, the star is the primary of the Archer system, named for Jonathan Archer, the captain of the first vessel to chart the star close-up, Enterprise in the episode "Strange New World").  In Star Trek: The Next Generation episode  "Yesterday's Enterprise", Archer IV was the destination of the USS Enterprise-D following an investigation of a nearby radiation anomaly. In the alternate timeline of that episode, Archer IV was the site of a battle in which the Enterprise-D engaged a series of Klingon warships.

The Enterprise NX-01 explores the Archer system
"Strange New World"