Epsilon Indi is an orange dwarf star approximately just 12 light-years away in the constellation of Indus, with two brown dwarfs were found orbiting the star. The two substellar objects are the closest known brown dwarfs to the Solar System.  As it closely matches our own sun, Epsilon Indi has been studied as a possible candidate for planets. However, none have yet been found circling the star.

In the episode "And the Children Shall Lead" of the original series of Star Trek, Epsilon Indi is the home system of an evil energy being known as Gorgan, who manipulates the children of a murdered Starfleet expedition and makes them take control of the Enterprise.  In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Child", Wesley Crusher spotted this star when he was looking out of the windows in Ten Forward after his mother was transferred to Starfleet Medical.

In reality, Epsilon Indi is a dwarf star, with about three-fourths the mass of the Sun. This star has the third highest proper motion of any star visible to the unaided eye (after Groombridge 1830 and 61 Cygni). Although smaller and dimmer than Sol, it is clearly visible with the naked eye. Epsilon Indi has such a high proper motion that, within a few thousand years, it will have moved out of Constellation Indus constellation and into neighboring Constellation Tucana, the Toucan.


The planet Triacus in Star Trek's Epsilon Indi system