This is the section of the Museum where you can take some Rest and Recreation during your visit - play a game, tell a joke, listen to Captain Picard say 'Make it so' - it's up to you. 

This section features a number of downloads of fan-made freeware games, such as WinTrek, Netrek, Final War, Invasion of Cardassia, Red Alert, Starfleet Tactics, Tribbles and 3-D Chess. Also included are Star Trek mods that can be used either as standalone games or with commercial games such as Freelancer.This section also features wall displays with information, box shots and screenshots of popular commercial games based on Star Trek, such as Star Trek:25th Anniversary; Judgment Rites; Starfleet Command; Elite Force; Armada and Bridge Commander. Available for download on the wall on the other side of the room are a selection of Star Trek Paper Models - blueprints and templates that will allow you to make your own paper models of a variety of Star Trek's greatest starships. So get those scissors, paper and glue handy!

Finally, two consoles are located in this section. The Star Trek Humour console displays a collection of jokes and humorous articles based on Star Trek - do YOU know how many Klingons it takes to screw in a light bulb?  Another console provides you with WAV sound files of various catch-phrases found in Star Trek - among them being "Make it so", "Live long and prosper", "Energize", Engage!", "I am Locutus of Borg" and "Open hailing frequencies".  Also available are Star Trek sound effects that you may want to download for your own use  - these include WAV sound files such as the transporter  'beam-out', Enterprise doorbell, photon torpedo, console button and the Enterprise bridge environmental sounds.