What is Classic Malaya?

Classic Malaya is an importer of an exclusive collection of fashion and home accessories featuring the exotic and timeless beauty and delicate detail of Malayan batik design. Our handicrafts are made by skilled craftsmen and women in Malaysia and are handmade and hand finished. While we provide products that maintain the traditions of Malayan batik makers over the centuries, our products are also aimed at a modern market, with contemporary designs that reflect the stylish tastes and quality expected of the sophisticated British consumer.

Based in Cambridge, Classic Malaya is the brainchild of Binder Kaur and Sabri Zain. Originally from Malaysia, they hope this enterprise will introduce to the British public the elegance and grace of a classic Malayan art form and greater awareness of the rich Malay culture it emerged from.

To get in touch with us, please e-mail: classicmalaya@malaya.org.uk

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