Part I October 1939
Title Page
The Malay Coins of Malacca by C H Dakers 1-13
Gold coins of the Northeastern Malay States by Anker Rentse 88 - 98
Notes on the Meanings of some Malay Words Part III (Kedah Words) by J A Baker 107-121
The Bernam Slab Graves by R J Wilkinson 134-144
The Penarikan and Bernam Land Routes by H D Noone 144-146
An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Times in the Malay Peninsula and the Straits of Malacca by Roland Braddell 146-212
Part II January 1940
Title Page
Srivijaya, Yava and Kataha by Ir J L Moens 1-111
Part III January 1940
Title Page
A History of Malay Literature by R O Winstedt 1-243

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