Part I February 1940
Title Page
Archaeological Researches on Ancient Indian Civilizations in Malaya by H G Quaritch Wales 1-85
+ 15 pp. plans
+ 89 pp. plates
Part II August 1940
Title Page
Report on Excavations in Kedah by M W F Tweedie 1-23
A Sketch of the History of Brunie by H R Hughes-Hallett 23-43
A Pre-Islamic Element in the Malay Grave by G C Hough 46-48
The Keris Sulok or Sundang by E Banks (with plates) 105-107
A Malay Tradition by R Cardon 108-145
Malay Titles by R O Winstedt 146-148
A Pasai Chief with Persian Memorial Inscription by R O Winstedt 149
Did Pasai rule Kedah in the XIVth Century? by R O Winstedt 150
Valentijn's Copy of the Sejarah Melayu by R O Winstedt 151
Kulanggi or Gulanggi by R O Winstedt 152
Alexander the Great and the Mount Meru and Chula Legends by R O Winstedt 153

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