Part I February 1941
Title Page
Recent Malay Literature by Za'ba (Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad) 1-20
An Introduction to the Study of Ancient Times in the Malay Peninsula by Roland Braddell 21-74
Slab Graves and Iron Implements by R O Winstedt 93-98
A Note on Northern Drifts in the Malay Peninsula by F N Chasen 99
More on Bencooleen by R J Wilkinson 101-119
A XVIIth Century Malay Cannon in London by C O Blagden 122-124
Malay Fishermen's Superstitions by Ishak bin Ahmad 131-136
Part II October 1941
Title Page
Extracts from the Letters of Colonel Nahuijs by H Eric Miller 169-209
Jawi Spelling by R O Winstedt 227-233
The Panji Tales 234-237
The Sundang and other Malaysian Art Motifs 238-241
The Perak Site of the Saliendra Empire 242
Raja Langit, the Celestial Emperor 243
Malay Journalism in Malaya by Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad 244-250
The History of the Creation of the Malacca Police by A H Dickinson 251-283
Part III December 1941
Title Page
A Descriptive Catalogue of the Books relating to Malaysia in the Raffles Museum and Library, Singapore compiled by Padma Daniel 1-125

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