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Further Work on Indian Sites in Malaya by D C and H G Quaritch Wales 1-11
The Origin of the Wayang Theatre (Shadow Play) by Anker Rentse 12-15
Some further Notes on Coins from the Northeastern Malay States by Anker Rentse 16-22
A Historical Note on the Northeastern Malay States by Anker Rentse 23-40
Some Notes on Keris Measurements by G M Laidlaw 45-46
Notes on Tan Tan by Hsu Yun Ts'iao 47-65
Chinese settlement in Malacca by Victor Purcell 115 - 125
The Floating Cannons of Butterworth by A E Coope 126-128
Kingship and Enthronement in Malaya by R O Winstedt 129-139
Notes on Malay Subjects by R O Winstedt 140-142
Notes on Ancient Times in Malaya by Roland Braddell (Part 1) 161-186
The Old Church on the Malacca Hill by R Cardon 188-234

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