It's A Satirical Work

May1st, 1999

Writer: It's a satirical work

PETALING JAYA: Writer Sabri Zain, who is one of the defendants in the RM60mil suit filed by businesswoman Ummi Hafilda Ali, described his article titled "Malaysia Sweeps 10 Oscars" in Harakah as "a satirical piece of fiction."

He said he saw his article as being in the same vein as Datuk Shanon Ahmad's novel Shit.

He said he would talk to his lawyers and wait for further developments on the suit before making further comment.

Ummi sues PAS for libel

By Chelsea L.Y. Ng

KUALA LUMPUR: Businesswoman Ummi Hafilda Ali filed a RM60mil libel suit against PAS and four others at the High Court yesterday over a full-page article published in the party's newsletter Harakah.

The writ of summons and statement of claim were filed at the Wisma Denmark registry at 11.30am. Neither Ummi Hafilda, who became famous during the trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, nor her solicitor Muhammad Shafee Abdullah were present.

A clerk from the law firm, Azmi Jamal, came to register the suit. He claimed that Muhammad Shafee was engaged in a court case in Shah Alam.

Also named as defendants in the suit are Harakah's permit holder Halim Arshat, its editor-in-chief Mustapha Ali, printer Syarikat Prema and author of the article Sabri Zain.

In the suit, Ummi Hafilda claimed that the March 29 article headlined "Malaysia Sweeps 10 Oscars" had been falsely and maliciously printed and/or published.

The article carries with it various sub-headings as follows:

BEST Original Screenplay: Pulp Dalil, which refers to a small-time hoodlum, Caled Jaffrey, and a small-time hooker Ummi Thurman Ali who is obsessed with Deputy Prime Ministers.

BEST Directing: Green Card, which also refers to a character played by Ummi Thurman Ali.

BEST Actress: Fatal Attraction, where Ummi Thurman Ali played the role of a mentally unbalanced woman and where a Sng Chihuahua was awarded the Oscar for Best Sound Recording. Ummi Hafilda claimed that the movie "Pulp Dalil" bore a very strong and close resemblance to the title of the book 50 Dalil and the author Khalid Jaffrey bore a very strong resemblance to "Caled Jaffrey".

She said the name "Ummi Thurman Ali" bore a very strong and close resemblance to her name.

She said she had become an extremely well-known figure due to the prominent media publicity involving her over the past few months both in the local and the international media.

Ummi Hafilda said the words in the article were understood to mean that she:

  • IS a prostitute and/or a cheap prostitute;
  • IS unchaste and of loose morals or of low moral fibre;
  • IS not single but in fact has been married and divorced;
  • IS unfaithful and as such does not and/or is incapable of practising and/or respecting the sanctity, nor abides by the sacred values of marriage;
  • IS inappropriately besotted with the Deputy Prime Minister to the point of neurosis;
  • IS a scheming and conniving woman who is capable of bringing about the ruin of leading members of the public, especially the former deputy prime minister;
  • IS an opportunist and a manipulator, who is associated with and masterminded the publication of a material calculated to bring about the ruin of the former deputy prime minister;
  • PLOTTED vengeance against the former deputy prime minister as a result of an unrequited infatuation over him;
  • IS incompetent, incapable, mentally unfit, extremely foolish, stupid, silly and of very low mental calibre;
  • and IS a hypocrite and has a hidden motive/agenda to undermine and bring about the ruin of the former deputy prime minister.

By way of innuendo, she said, the words meant and were understood to mean that she was guided by her lust, was selfish, cruel and inhumane and had fabricated her evidence in the corruption trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim because of the unrequited infatuation over him.

The publication of the article, she said, had seriously injured her character, credibility and reputation and the way of her business.

She claimed she was subjected to severe humiliation and embarrassment as a result of the publication which carried imputations of the gravest kind as to her chastity and/or moral conduct.

Apart from the RM60mil claim for general damages, Ummi Hafilda is seeking aggravated damages, interest, costs and an injunction to restrain the defendants from further publishing the article or any similar article.

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