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March 1 - 15, 2000

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UFO lands in Kelantan

Melaka sacks Opposition supporters

Anwar assault trial postponed

Pinochet sends greetings

Crime on the rise

Minister claims RMAF is crap

Chinese soaps 'a bad influence'

FEATURE: The Knowledge Economy

Mahahtir wants 'brain gain'

National media system mooted

Eliminate the 'secrecy syndrome', says PM

Minister makes quantum leap into IT

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Anwar assault trial postponed
Former police chief 'medically unfit' to attend trial

The trial of former police chief Rahim Noor was postponed this month after his defence lawyer said he was unwell. Rahim, who is is charged with assaulting Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim while the former deputy premier was in police custody at police headquarters, did not appear in court and was said to be "medically unfit" to attend his trial.

The defence lawyer produced a medical certificate issued by retired doctor Dr M Mohamad for his client. Dr Mohamad said Rahim was clearly unfit to stand trial as he exhibited signs of profound hearing loss during a medical examination. "When I repeatedly asked him a simple question, 'Did you beat Anwar?', he did not hear a word and simply cleared his throat with an 'Ehemmm!'

Dr Mohamad added that the former police chief's eyesight also appeared to be deteriorating rapidly. "When shown pictures of Anwar's black eye and other injuries, he actually thought the man looked 'safe and sound'"

Rahim demonstrating how he
punched Anwar

"These are clear indications that he is quite unwell," Dr Mohamad concluded. "Either that, or he was just rehearsing his testimony for the trial."

Dr Mohamad also noted that Rahim may also be suffering from severe memory loss. "After all, it took him over four months to actually remember that he beat Anwar to a pulp and finally admit it."

Rahim is accused of assaulting Anwar when he was arrested under the Internal Security Act in October 1998. Rahim only admitted to the attack during the hearing of a Royal Commission of Inquiry in February the next year, claiming that he was provoked when Anwar allegedly called him a "father of dogs".

When asked for details of Rahim's illness, Dr Mohamad said it could be rabies.

Pinochet sends greetings

Former Chilean dictator, torturer and mass murderer General Agusto Pinochet this month sent a congratulatory message to former police chief Rahim Noor on the successful postponement of his assault hearing due to his being "medically unfit to stand trial".
Homocidal torturer and violent brute ...
spot the difference

Pinochet, who was in exile in the UK, is back in Chile after successfully fighting an extradition order from Spain to stand trial for torture, murder, massacres and miscellaneous atrocities. His defence team claimed Pinochet was "medically unfit to stand trial"

"If I can get a medical chit to excuse me for all those tortures, murders, massacres and miscellaneous atrocities, you can surely get off easily for that little punch up in the detention cell, amigo," Pinochet's message said.

Pinochet also invited Rahim to Chile where, he said, " you can beat up all the dissidents you like, no problemo, amigo. And feel free to bring along that other tin-pot dictator with you".


Crimes rates rising
sharply in Malaysia