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March 16 - 31, 2000

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Two-month jail sentence sparks outrage

UMNO introduces new party salute

Anwar charged with causing grevious hurt

It was just a few friendly punches, says Rahim aide

Melaka to introduce apartheid

Mysterious illness strikes Anwar trial

Malaysia in bid for 2008 Olympics


Police protest negative public image

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Two-month jail sentence sparks outrage
Former Inspector-General of Police Rahim Noor was this month sentenced to two months imprisonment and fined RM 2000 for assaulting former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim, sparking widespread outrage and criticism. Rahim, who beat a blindfolded and handcuffed Anwar unconscious while in police detention, also had his charge reduced from causing grevious hurt to just causing hurt.

"The sentence is an outrage," said an UMNO politician who refused to be named. "Rahim performed a valuable service to our Prime Minister by beating the crap out of that trouble-making dissident. He should have been given a medal and a fistful of huge government contracts. But how do we repay his loyalty? By sentencing and fining him! What is this country coming to?!"

A senior police officer who refused to be named described the sentence as an immoral travesty of justice. "If the Inspector-General of Police himself is punished for beating a blindfolded and handcuffed detainee in the inner sanctum of Police Headquarters, what about us ordinary police officers? "

Anwar: This is not 'grevious hurt'
"Are we to be unfairly punished simply because we get our kicks beating people up in lock-ups? How can we be expected to beat up dissidents and political opponents with the threat of legal action hanging over us? How can we bludgeon demonstrators in the streets? It will be the end of law and order as we know it."

The officer added that the sentence would severely dent the effectiveness and morale of the police force. "We enjoy beating people to a pulp. We love the sight of bloody faces, gaping eye wounds, the crunch of a fractured skull. The Rahim sentence may send the wrong message that this is no longer acceptable behaviour."

In an unrelated development, dozens of demonstrators were sentenced to at least one year's imprisonment and fines of not less than RM10,000 for getting in the way of riot policemen's fists and boots in pro-Anwar demonstrations in Kuala Lumpur last year.

Demonstrator: This is not 'grevious
hurt' either