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March 16 - 31, 2000

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Two-month jail sentence sparks outrage

UMNO introduces new party salute

Anwar charged with causing grevious hurt

It was just a few friendly punches, says Rahim aide

Melaka to introduce apartheid

Mysterious illness strikes Anwar trial

Malaysia in bid for 2008 Olympics


Police protest negative public image

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Anwar to be charged with causing grevious hurt
In a surprise counter-suit, prosecutors in the Rahim Noor assault case are planning to charge former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim with causing grevious hurt to the former Inspector-General of Police. Anwar is accused of assaulting the former Inspector General of Police in Bukit Aman Police headquarters while he was in police custody. "Anwar had viciously attacked the former IGP by punching him on the fist with his head, slapping his hands with his cheek and crushing his knee with his groin," said a prosecutor who refused to be named.
Anwar accused of causing grevious hurt to Rahim's fists

An appeal to reduce the charges from grevious hurt to just hurt was turned down. "The injuries suffered by Rahim were clearly grevious," the prosecutor said. "A medical examination of Rahim on the night of the attack had revealed numerous bruises on his knuckles and the back of his hand. He very nearly sprained his wrist and could have temporarily lost the use of his fist - an essential tool in every policeman's profession."

The prosecutor denied that the charges are frivolous and cynical. "The charges are all absolutely true. Have we ever lied to you before about beatings in Bukit Aman Police Headquarters? Of course, the Opposition will say that Rahim was safe and sound all the while, and that he beat himself up! They are the liars."

"Decent Malaysians cannot tolerate such violence," the prosecutor. "Anwar is not above the law - he is not the Prime Minister."

Anwar is also being charged for causing grevious hurt to UMNO credibility. He gladly pleaded guilty to this charge.

It was just a few friendly punches: aide

An aide to former Inspector General of Police Rahim Noor described the beating of former deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim as "just a few friendly punches".

According to a Royal Commission of Inquiry, Anwar was blindfolded and his hands were handcuffed behind his back when Rahim walked into the detention cell in Police Headquarters and attacked him. He started with a punch above the left eye, which caused Anwar to fall backwards on a cement slab. Dragged up on his feet again, he was punched again on the top right of the head, then on the left, more blows, a karate chop on the side of the neck, then hard strong slaps repeatedly across his face. Rahim's defence said that Rahim was "remorseful" that he had hit "a friend whom he holds in high regard"

A remorseful Rahim at his trial

"He was a friend and it was just a few friendly punches," said the aide who refused to be named. "He was only human. I'm sure all of us had at one time or another handcuffed and blindfolded a close friend and beat the living daylights out of him. What's the big deal?"

He added that Rahim even had the compassion to blindfold Anwar during the beating. "He obviously wanted to spare Anwar the pain of seeing the remorse in his face as his fists pounded Anwar's head.'

"I'm sure he's really, really, really sorry," he concluded. "And if you don't believe him, he's going to punch your bloody eyeballs out!"