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March 16 - 31, 2000

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Two-month jail sentence sparks outrage

UMNO introduces new party salute

Anwar charged with causing grevious hurt

It was just a few friendly punches, says Rahim aide

Melaka to introduce apartheid

Mysterious illness strikes Anwar trial

Malaysia in bid for 2008 Olympics


Police protest negative public image

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Melaka to introduce apartheid

Final Solution to the Opposition question

A group of UMNO State Assemblymen will introduce a motion to introduce apartheid to Melaka, following the State Government's move this month to blacklist doctors, lawyers, architects, contractors and banks suspected of being supporters of Opposition political parties.

The new flag of the proposed apartheid Melaka

UMNO Assemblyman Rustam Himmler Botha said that a group of South Afican consultants are being employed by the State to study other ways in which a policy of political segregation can be implemented to separate the governing UMNO population and the non-UMNO population. "We want to ensure that it becomes Melaka's governing policy to promote social, economic, and political inequalities between UMNO supporters and non-UMNO supporters," Botha explained.

The proposed apartheid laws will classify Melaka residents according to three major groups - the 'White' group of UMNO members ; the 'Black' group of Opposition supporters; and the 'Coloured' group of people with other or no political affiliations. "These laws will determine where members of each group could live, what jobs they could hold, and what type of education they could receive," Botha explained. "We shall also prohibit social contact between groups, authorized segregated public facilities, and denied any representation of non-UMNO people in the State government. People who openly oppose these laws will be considered traitors, rioters and tools of foreigners out to re-colonise us and be subject to grevious hurt."

Botha stressed that Melaka is a vibrant democracy and will still allow people to belong to Opposition political parties. "However, they will have to be deported to impoverished 'homelands' in the State. We will also set up separate schools, universities, even separate toilets for these Opposition niggers."

Botha said the State will also be consulting with exiled Nazi war criminals to see how it could implement what he called "the Final Solution to the Opposition question". Among some of the moves proposed include forcing Opposition party supporters to wear badges or armbands marked with a yellow star and deporting to them to ghettos in Poland. "We are also investigating new administrative innovations such as death camps for Opposition party members."

Quote of the month

"We are gentle people ...we took gentle action. But if they continue to break the law, we will be more severe to them ..."
Mahathir Mohamad, March 2, 2000