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May 16 -31, 2000

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Cantonese soap opera sensation!

Malaysians second longest in Asia

Four-year old called to testify in court

Curse on Langkawi officially lifted

Mahathir speaks up for Aussie natives

Melaka officials to be sent back to kindergarten

Wanita unites after UMNO elections

UMNO declares war on traitors

Chief Justice rapped for holiday with tycoon's lawyer

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UMNO declares war on 'traitors'
A special UMNO committee is being formed to investigate traitors who left the Party. The move comes in the light of a statement from Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi that former Negri Sembilan UMNO Youth leader Ruslan Kasim must be defeated in the Teluk Kemang by-election because "he is a traitor who had abandoned UMNO" and a "traitor to UMNO's struggles"

An UMNO official who refused to be named supported Badawi's call, saying that "these traitors must be made to pay for their treachery and punished, so we will investigate every single one of them."

He added that among the first of these 'traitors who abandoned UMNO' to be investigated will be Ministers such as Rais Yatim and former Minister Ibrahim Ali. "That guy's abandoned so many different parties so many times, we've lost count," the official added.

"We would have also investigated UMNO founder Onn Jaafar, who left UMNO to form IMP. However, after a few months' investigation, we discovered that he's already dead. Anyway, he was punished enough for leaving the Party - look at his grandson"

On whether Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah would be investigated as well, he said it would not be necessary. "We finished that guy off even before the UMNO Elections began!"

"We will also be investigating a Kedah MP who, back in 1969, not only left UMNO, but was expelled!" the official added. "I can't quite recall his name but I do remember it starts with M." .

Rais, Ibrahim, Razaleigh and Onn:
'Traitors' who abandoned UMNO?

Chief Justice rapped for holiday trip with tycoon's lawyer

Eusoff and 'friend' in New Zealand

Mohtar rubs shoulders with the
rich and famous in Italy

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Chief Justice Eussof Chin has been criticized for spending a holiday in New Zealand with the lawyer of a prominent business tycoon. This follows a statement last month by Minister in the charge of legal affairs Rais Yatim that "such socialising is not in keeping with the proper behaviour of a judicial personality" and that it was "improper behaviour".

A government official who refused to be named denounced the Chief Justice's behaviour and that of the business tycoon. "We fully agree with the Minister's rebuke. If you are going to tarnish the image of the judiciary and cast doubt on the independence of our courts, at least, make it worthwhile! Bloody New Zealand!? Couldn't they have gone somewhere fancier like Switzerland or the Caribbean or Paris."

On allegations that the same tycoon and lawyer also 'accompanied' Attorney General Mohtar Abdullah and their families for a holiday in Italy, the official said, "Hey, at least Italy's quite posh and expensive. The Attorney General can hold his head high with dignity. He is a shining example of our country's legal system."

However, a Tourism Ministry official who refused to be named disagreed. "If senior court officials want rich tycoons to 'accompany' them on holiday, I hope they choose local destinations next time and help support our tourism industry." .