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May 16 -31, 2000

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Cantonese soap opera sensation!

Malaysians second longest in Asia

Four-year old called to testify in court

Curse on Langkawi officially lifted

Mahathir speaks up for Aussie natives

Melaka officials to be sent back to kindergarten

Wanita unites after UMNO elections

UMNO declares war on traitors

Chief Justice rapped for holiday with tycoon's lawyer

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Malaysia Boleh! Four-year old called to testify at trial of Anwar accuser
Malaysia attempted to set yet another world record last month when a four-year old child was subpoenaed to appear as a witness in the trial of an Anwar Ibrahim accuser. Khalid Jafri, author of '50 Dalil's Why Anwar Cannot Become PM', issued a subpoena to the four-year old daughter of Azmin Ali, Anwar's former private secretary. Khalid claimed in the book that the child is actually Anwar's.

"She would be the youngest ever witness to testify in a court of law in any part of the world," said a legal expert who refused to be named. "It would have been a great achievement for Malaysia and testimony that our judicial system is one of the greatest in the world."

The legal expert speculated that the defence probably wanted the witness to recall details of the moment of her conception while in her mother's womb. It is rumoured that sperm cells collected from the famous stained mattress in the Anwar corruption trial may also be called upon to testify as witnesses.

Stained mattress: Khalid's next witness?

In a related development, local newspapers recently published accusations that Anwar Ibrahim's 19-year old daughter of Nurul Izzah was having an affair with Keadilan Youth leader Ezam Md Noor. An UMNO Youth official who refused to be named said these recent moves on young daughters were part of UMNO's stated aim to "focus on youth"

"And why should a four year-old child be afraid of being dragged into court?" the official said. "It is only seventy-four year old Prime Ministers who should be scared."

Malaysia officially lifts curse on Langkawi

Nurul Izzah: Like Mahsuri,
accused of adultery

Mahathir: Worse than a
curse lasting seven
The Malaysian government officially lifted the curse of Mahsuri that has plagued Langkawi for seven generations when Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad invited a descendant of Mahsuri to live in Malaysia and become a Malaysian citizen.

However, a government official who refused to be named said the curse on the Anwar family was still in force and would not be lifted. "We've already got Anwar in jail and we'll make sure the court keeps him there for at least seven generations," said the official.

"We're now working on the next generation and one of our people has already accused his daughter Nurul Izzah of having an affair with Keadilan Youth Chief Ezam Mohd Noor. We'll see what other stories we can cook up for the rest of the family," he added.

Mahsuri's family fled Langkawi after she put a curse on the island's inhabitants when she was accused of and executed for adultery which she did not commit. "Fortunately, UMNO is progressive and we don't do things like that anymore," said the official. "These days, after accusing them of adultery, instead of executing them, we just use the local papers."

When asked if UMNO was not worried that Nurul Izzah would put a curse on them, the official replied "We have Mahathir as our president and he's going to be up there for more than seven generations. Now, if that's not a curse, I don't know what is ." .