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May 1 -15, 2000

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Love Bug virus wreaks havoc

UMNO committed to democracy

Mahathir says he might resign ... again

No rift with Daim, says Mahathir

Riot police disperse illegal assemblies

Police recover missing person

Police introduce sex education programme

It was self-inflicted, say Sanusi supporters


UMNO committed to eradicating corruption

UMNO committed to Youth

UMNO committed to scandalizing Anwar

UMNO committed to the Malay Agenda

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Police introduce innovative sex education programmes

Police this month denied allegations of torture and cruelty, claiming that detainees were forced to perform sex shows for police guards as part of a new sex education programme for prisoners. The allegations emerged in the trial of Tenaganita director Irene Fernandez when witnesses testified that detainees were stripped naked and regularly forced to masturbate each other, perform oral sex and smear sperm on their faces while an audience of laughing and clapping policemen watched. Detainees who refused to perform the sexual acts were kicked and beaten, with one detainee dying from his wounds.

Police displaying their genitals (not shown) for inspection

Munawar: A former graduate
of the police sex education programme
"We are disappointed that what we initiated as a useful sex education programme for detainees was misconstrued as torture and cruelty on our part," said a police spokesman who refused to be named."We just wanted to highlight to prisoners the ills of masturbation and oral sex and the importance of moral values," he stressed as he pushed a Bangladeshi detainee's penis into a Burmese detainee's mouth. He added that the programme was painstakingly developed using techniques pioneered while extracting voluntary confessions from suspects in the Anwar Ibrahim police investigations.

He added that even UMNO was now conducting such education programmes for its members. "In 1998, the Prime Minister himself taught Malaysians about how to masturbate and insert penises into anuses in televised press conferences to Malaysians. And just this month, he was describing to delegates at the UMNO General Assembly how homosexuals 'depan, belakang, kiri, kanan pun boleh.'"

It was self-inflicted, says Sansui supporter

Sanusi: Claims the wounds
were self-inflicted

A supporter of Sanusi Junid said reports that two Malaysia Airlines staff were assaulted by the former Kedah Menteri Besar were slanderous lies and claimed that the wounds they suffered were actually self-inflicted. The supporter who refused to be named was commenting on the police report lodged by the MAS employees against Sanusi for allegedly slapping and kicking them at the KL International Airport this month.

'They were 'safe and sound' when Sanusi left the airport," the supporter claimed. 'I have no doubt their wounds were self-inflicted. Either that, or Sansui was provoked. I heard them call him a father of dogs just because he made some obscene hand gestures at them."

Police are investigating the assault and have called on the services of former police chief Rahim Noor to conduct an independent investigation.

From previous experience, even if convicted, it is not expected that Sanusi's jail term would exceed a couple of months.