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May 1 -15, 2000

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Love Bug virus wreaks havoc

UMNO committed to democracy

Mahathir says he might resign ... again

No rift with Daim, says Mahathir

Riot police disperse illegal assemblies

Police recover missing person

Police introduce sex education programme

It was self-inflicted, say Sanusi supporters


UMNO committed to eradicating corruption

UMNO committed to Youth

UMNO committed to scandalizing Anwar

UMNO committed to the Malay Agenda

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UMNO committed to eradicating corruption

The UMNO Elections this month clearly demonstrated UMNO's commitment to eradicating corruption when Rafidah Aziz regained her position as UMNO Wanita Chief and former Selangor Chief Minister Muhammad Taib was elected an UMNO Vice President. An UMNO veteran who refused to be named praised the results. "When the delegates can elect someone who was investigated by the Anti-Corruption Agency for giving her son-in-law millions in shares and someone else who was caught overseas with millions in cash in his luggage, you can be assured that the new UMNO line-up is serious about combating corruption."

He added that the two new appointments also reflected UMNO's commitment to family values. "One was helping out her son-in-law, the other was helping out his brother. Foreigners out to re-colonise us may call it 'nepotism' we prefer to call it 'family values'"

Muhammad Taib indicating he has
nothing to declare

An UMNO spokesman said that he was pleased that UMNO delegates had forgiven Muhammad Taib for past mistakes. "After all, I'm sure we've all had excess baggage problems when we travel overseas. In fact, he only had 19 kilos of cash and we all know the baggage limit for international flights is 20 kilos."

He denied claims that Muhammad was celebrating his victory by going on holiday to Australia. He also denied rumours that Muhammad was eyeing the Foreign Ministry portfolio. "For one thing, hed probably have to sit for an English test first."

UMNO committed to youth

Hishammuddin removes his dentures to prove UMNO Youth is not toothless

UMNO Youth will strive to woo more young people into the movement "UMNO Youth has to make this effort and will target fifth formers who will become eligible voters by 2004," said newly-elected Youth head Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. "These students will be the three million new voters in the next general election," said an UMNO Youth delegate who refused to be named. "I dont think we can get away with not making them eligible to vote, like we did with the 680,000 new voters last year."

The delegate also supported Hishamuddin's call on the Youth and Sports Ministry to give emphasis to youth in its activities. "For example, UMNO Youth want the opportunity to organise its own successful parachute jumps over the South Pole. UMNO Youth Boleh!'

Hishammuddin also told delegates that "UMNO Youth is still bold and not toothless as alleged by some.' To illustrate the point, he removed his dentures and showed delegates a fine set of molars that were still intact.

"UMNO Youth successes are due to the boldness of our past leaders," the delegate added. "And look what happened to our past two leaders!"