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October, 2000

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Police crackdown on gambling

Malaysia condemns Israeli violence

Doctors urge precautions against HFM disease

JE Virus claims new victims

Government lauds Malaysiakini press freedom award

Government to study Apostasy Bill

Poll on plunging newspaper readership reveals shock results

Government contemplates expulsion of 10 million Malaysians

UMNO attempts world record

Bakun project to be revived

Intelligent Transport System to be implemented

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Police crackdown on gambling
The Royal Malaysian Police is mounting a campaign to crackdown on gambling, following recent reports of police officers playing Russian roulette with a robbery suspect during interrogation.

An AFP report said that one bullet was placed in the chamber of a police revolver and a team of police officers took turns firing at the detainee's head. The lucky winner was policeman number three, who managed to shoot the detainee in the right eye.

A police spokesman who refused to be named said that police abhorred all forms of gambling and the incident severely tarnished the image of the police. "Games of chance are sinful. There is now a standing instruction that any policeman wishing to terrorize suspects with revolvers can only do so with fully-loaded firearms."

De Niro film that inspires our police

The spokesman added that the officer who shot the detainee will be charged with negligence. "The suspect was shot in the eye. What the officer did was unforgivable he missed. An inch or two higher and he would have successfully blown his brains away. Such bad marksmanship will not be tolerated in the Royal Malaysian Police."

The officer in question regretted his act, saying that he had been excited watching the Russian roulette scene from the film 'Deerhunter' the previous evening. The police spokesman in the meantime apologized for any accidental shootings/maimings/torture/beatings of suspects/pregnant women/Chinese doctors/ mental patients/immigrant workers/bystanders/ deputy Prime Ministers that may have occurred in the past.

Malaysia condemns Israeli violence against civilians

Learning from others:
Israeli helicopter dispersing
Malaysia last month tabled a resolution in the UN strongly condemning the excessive violence of the Tel Aviv regime against civilian populations in the West Bank. A spokesman for the Malaysian government who refused to be named said that the government was especially appalled at the barbaric, cruel use of helicopter gunships to shoot at thousands of unarmed Palestinian demonstrators.

Meanwhile, Malaysian police introduced a new innovation this month when, for the first time, they used helicopters to shoot tear gas at thousands of unarmed Reformasi demonstrators on the Kesas highway on November 5th.