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October, 2000

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Police crackdown on gambling

Malaysia condemns Israeli violence

Doctors urge precautions against HFM disease

JE Virus claims new victims

Government lauds Malaysiakini press freedom award

Government to study Apostasy Bill

Poll on plunging newspaper readership reveals shock results

Government contemplates expulsion of 10 million Malaysians

UMNO attempts world record

Bakun project to be revived

Intelligent Transport System to be implemented

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Government lauds Malaysiakini press freedom award
The Malaysian government congratulated the independent Internet newspaper 'Malaysiakini' on winning the International Press Freedom Award from the Committee to Protect Journalists, an international journalist organisation dedicated to the defence of press freedom globally. Editor, Steven Gan, was presented with the award together with journalists from Bosnia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Iran.

"We are glad of this accolade to Malaysiakini, which is in the truest spirit of 'Malaysia Boleh!'" said a government spokesman who refused to be named.

Gan (Malaysiakini):

Sabri (Internet):
"It is indeed a deep honour for the government of Malaysia to be now internationally-recognised as on par with the repressive regimes of the Bosnian Serb terrorists, Congolese military juntas and Iranian extremists. Our government is up there with the best tin-pot dictators on the planet," he declared, shedding tears of pride.

The spokesman added that the government will do all it can to ensure that Malaysiakini wins the award again next year.

Lufti (Detik):

Zulkifli (Harakah):
Charged and sued
"We will sue more writers. We will charge more editors with sedition. We will maintain the ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act. We will ensure the mainstream media remains emasculated. We have already closed down independent publicationsa such as Detik, Eksklusif and Al-Wasilah. We have already crippled the circulation of Harakah. And now we’re declaring anyone who criticizes us as traitors."

"Heck, that’s more than enough to make Malaysiakini win the award again the same time next year. Unless we close them down before that."

Kadir (NST): Rich
Even the former New Straits Times group editor, Kadir Jasin, will be helping Malaysiakini’s attempt at another award by planning a takeover of the national news agency Bernama, Radio Television Malaysia 2 and six radio stations. Under the wise penmanship of Kadir, the readership of the New Straits Times and Berita Harian plummeting 30% in the last two years. He hopes to do even better with Bernama and RTM2, allowing more people the opportunity to turn to Malaysiakini.

Local newspapers have already expressed their unanimous agreement with the press freedom award to Malaysiakini by not publishing a word of it anywhere.

Government to study Apostasy Bill

The Faithful gather to
worship at the PWTC
The government will study the proposed Restoration of Faith Bill with a view to amending it to apply only to Restoration of Faith in UMNO. An UMNO spokesman who refused to be named said that the government recognised that various deviant beliefs – such as a beliefs in democracy and freedom of expression – have influenced tens of thousands of Muslims to lose their faith in UMNO and the government. "Stern action needs to be taken to root out these deviant teachings. We have already seen many of these people reject the UMNO faith and join other political parties. We must bring these apostates back to the true path."

He added that those professing to these deviant teachings would be brought to faith rehabilitation centres in Kamunting and Pulau Jerejak. "At these centres, they will be cleansed of any deviant beliefs in democratic principles and fundamental freedoms and be taught in the true practices and teachings of our faith – complete and utter homage to the UMNO party leadership."

He added that they had many successful cases where people who had deviated from these teachings were brought back to the UMNO faith. "Look at Rais Yatim and Tengku Razaleigh. And Ibrahim Ali lost and re-discovered his faith so many times, we’ve lost count."