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August 16 -Sept 15, 2000

Merdeka Issue


Terrorists refuse to release hostage

Police investigate link to international Communist leader

Tourism Malaysia to promote special 'hostage' holiday

Arms heist demonstration breaks world record

Police seek illegal demo ring-leader

UMNO Youth condemns illegal protests

UMNO Youth holds illegal protests

Malaysia will not censor Internet 'lies'

UMNO clarifies 'Chinese PM' statement

Police seize porn videos sold to students

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Terrorists refuse to release hostage
In the latest hostage crisis to hit the country, terrorists who kidnapped over RM810 million in oil royalties this month refused to release their hostage and are demanding a ransom of enough votes at the next general elections so they can form a new State government. Pirates from the extremist Maha Firaun group this month raided the State of Terengganu and terrorised its residents by kidnapping the State's oil royalties and holding it hostage. The terrorists are demanding a ransom of enough scared votes in the next General Elections that will allow them to form the State Government and restore their members to their respective Parliamentary and State seats.

Pirates from the Maha Firaun group were ejected from Terengganu in the last General Elections, when they lost all of their Parliamentary seats and only managed to cling on to 4 of the 32 State seats.

Pirates are holding state's oil money hostage

The group said that they would only release the hostage through a deal they call "Program Pembiayaan Wang Ehsan". Through this deal, the group would manage the State's oil money themselves and implement their own development programmes for the State. Among the development programmes that the group implemented in Terengganu in the past included the highly successful Perwaja Steel project that resulted in a loss of over RM 2.9 billion.

Police investigate links to international Communist leader


Mahathir and another Communist
Following the Prime Minister's revelation that likened actions by certain Malaysian Chinese organisations to those of Communists in the past, police are investigating reports that a prominent international Communist leader has links with certain Malaysian politicians in the country.

"The Prime Minister's warning against the dark spectre of Communism cannot be taken lightly," said a police spokesman who refused to be named. "We are investigating reports that the Premier of Communist China Zhu Rongji had actually entered the country some time in November last year. Not only that, but we also understand that Zhu was being used by certain unscrupulous politicians in a desperate ploy to woo Chinese votes in the General Elections."

"If there is a Communist conspiracy behind all this, we will uncover it," the spokesman assured.

The crackdown on Communists follows the Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's Independence Day speech, where he warned Malaysians of Chinese 'extremists' whose actions did not differ from that of Communists. Mahathir left a few days later for the G77 Meeting in New York, where he met his close colleague Fidel Castro, the longest-ruling Communist head of state in the world.