Not The New Straits Times

August 16 -Sept 15, 2000

Merdeka Issue


Terrorists refuse to release hostage

Police investigate link to international Communist leader

Tourism Malaysia to promote special 'hostage' holiday

Arms heist demonstration breaks world record

Police seek illegal demo ring-leader

UMNO Youth condemns illegal protests

UMNO Youth holds illegal protests

Malaysia will not censor Internet 'lies'

UMNO clarifies 'Chinese PM' statement

Police seize porn videos sold to students

Apologies from the Editor

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Police seek illegal demo ring-leader
The authorities are calling on the public to provide information on the identity of an unknown man who is suspected to have incited an illegal demonstration that erupted last August 17th. A group of 500 UMNO supporters gathered in Putrajaya protesting against statements from the National Economic Consultative Council deputy chairman that special Malay rights should be abolished. No police permit had been granted for the gathering.

The unidentified man is said to have addressed the mob with a loudhailer, inciting the illegal assembly with cries of "The government will not back down! Not even by one step!" The suspect is said to be short, bespectacled, with a thick Northern accent, scowling face, bulbous nose and suffers a speech impediment, using the phrase "apanama" frequently. He is believed to be a retired physician.

Members of the public who know this person can contact 'Not The New Straits Times' with information on the identity and whereabouts of this trouble-making rabble-rouser. A police report will be made, following which stern inaction will be taken by police against this illegal assembly.


In a related development, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, speaking in Chicago this September, warned that peace and stability in any country will be disrupted if its people take to the streets to make demands.

UMNO Youth condemns illegal protests

UMNO Youth deputy chief Aziz Sheikh Fadzir last August condemned Human Rights Commission chairman Tan Sri Musa Hitam's statement that people have the right to assemble peacefully. "Demonstrations create public disorder - the law must be implemented to prevent trouble," Aziz declared.

"There have never been any peaceful demonstrations in Malaysia," Aziz stressed. "Allowing it at anytime would be like asking small children to play with a knife"

Aziz:" asking small children to play with a knife"

UMNO Youth holds illegal protests

UMNO Youth deputy chief Aziz Sheikh Fadzir last August led some 200 UMNO Youth members in an illegal demonstration outside the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall. The demonstrators shouted slogans, carried placards, verbally abused reporters and assaulted a photographer at the scene. The day before, another 500 UMNO Youth supporters illegally gathered in front of the Prime Minister's residence at Putrajaya.

Aziz denied that the event was a gathering. "UMNO Youth do not hold demonstrations. There were no demonstrations that day. It was just a protest." An UMNO spokesman who refused to be named agreed. "It was also not illegal. It was just not lawful."

It is not known if there were any children seen playing with knives at the two demonstrations, ooops, sorry, I mean, the two protests.

This is not a demo ...
just a protest

In a related development, hundreds of detainees arrested during the pro-reformasi demonstrations since September 1998 are filing affidavits to dismiss charges of illegal assembly against them. The detainees are declaring that they did not participate in any demonstrations. "They were not demonstrations," a lawyer for the detainees said. "They were just protests."