Not The New Straits Times

August 16 -Sept 15, 2000

Merdeka Issue


Terrorists refuse to release hostage

Police investigate link to international Communist leader

Tourism Malaysia to promote special 'hostage' holiday

Arms heist demonstration breaks world record

Police seek illegal demo ring-leader

UMNO Youth condemns illegal protests

UMNO Youth holds illegal protests

Malaysia will not censor Internet 'lies'

UMNO clarifies 'Chinese PM' statement

Police seize porn videos sold to students

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Khalil: Malaysia will not censor Internet 'lies'

.Information Minister Khalil Yaacob said that the government would not censor the lies that are now widespread on the Internet, adding that censoring the Internet was technically difficult and "will give way to some people accusing us of oppressing freedom of expression."

An UMNO spokesman who refused to be named fully supported Khalil's statement. "It would be a disaster if Internet lies were censored. We would have to close down the UMNO website, the websites of all the local newspapers and even the PM's own website will have to go."

"We would then have to rely on just the local newspapers and TV stations. And no one believes them anyway," he lamented.

UMNO clarifies 'Chinese PM' statement

Talking about lies, an UMNO spokesman who refused to be named this month issued a statement clarifying Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's statement last June that "it is not inconceivable that a Chinese could one day become prime minister".

Speaking at the opening of the MCA's annual General Assembly this year, the Prime Minister was quoted as saying that the Constitution was silent on the ethnicity of the prime minister and that he was "confident" that there will come a day when a citizen of Chinese or Indian descent is accepted by all Malaysians. "The Prime Minister of Malaysia will no longer come from the Malays only,'' Mahathir said.

Three people who will never become PM

However, in an television interview with Taiwan's TVBS last August, Mahathir said that it is still too early for a Chinese to be Premier and "it is quite unlikely that we will have a Chinese Prime Minister now."

"That alleged remark from the Prime Minister last June was obviously misquoted," the spokesman said. "No doubt the work of Communists in the press."