Not The New Straits Times

August 16 -Sept 15, 2000

Merdeka Issue


Terrorists refuse to release hostage

Police investigate link to international Communist leader

Tourism Malaysia to promote special 'hostage' holiday

Arms heist demonstration breaks world record

Police seek illegal demo ring-leader

UMNO Youth condemns illegal protests

UMNO Youth holds illegal protests

Malaysia will not censor Internet 'lies'

UMNO clarifies 'Chinese PM' statement

Police seize porn videos sold to students

Apologies from the Editor

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Police seize porn videos sold to students
Police raided numerous houses in Ipoh after receiving tip-offs that children in the homes were watching pornographic videos. The raid was conducted following news reports this September that a syndicate in Ipoh was selling pornographic VCDs for to students for as cheap as RM1 each.

However, the students were released after it was revealed that the videos were merely recordings of televised speeches by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad explaining why he sacked former Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

"We received reports that children were watching videos of a man talking about masturbating, inserting penises into anuses, group sex and other sexual activities," said a police spokesman who refused to be named. "It was even reported that videos featured the man making rude hand gestures and talking about 'depan, belakang, kiri, kanan pun boleh' "

"We had no idea it was just a video recording of TV3 news interviews with the Prime Minister," the spokesman said apologetically..

Apology from the Editor

'Not The New Straits Times' would like to apologise to its loyal readers for its apparent disappearance over the past two months. No, it was not because our KDN was withdrawn by the Home Minister - for one thing, we don't need a bloody KDN, so he can shove that piece of paper up where the sun doesn't shine. The 'Not The New Straits Times' team has actually been busy helping out in the production of 'Face Off: A Malaysian Reformasi Diary (1998-1999)' by Sabri Zain (he's the serious-looking guy on the sleeve of back inside cover). More details about this book can be found at

As work on this project has been completed, normal publication of 'Not The New Straits Times' will resume henceforth. So if you want some serious comedy, cancel that subscription to 'Wawasan Merdeka' and carry on supporting 'Not The New Straits Times'!