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February 29, 2000

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Mahathir home from holidays

UMNO organised APCET riot

Millenium jump team makes second attempt for the Pole

UMNO to target youth

More efforts to eradicate Bahasa Baku

ISA does not erode human rights

Rafidah explains share allotments to son-in-law

Foreigners out to recolonise us invade our borders

High tech boost for schoolkids

UMNO Supreme Council urges Ku Li to keep promise

FEATURE: 30 Dalils why Mahathir cannot be a witness at the Anwar Ibrahim trial

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Dr M home from holidays

Formula 1 racing in Argentina

Soros: Fell of a horse?

Chirac: Fell down stairs?

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad returned hale and hearty from his holiday in Argentina, the Caribbean, London and Paris - quashing vicious rumours that he had fallen off his horse while rustling cattle in the Pampas dressed as a Gaucho. However, he failed to attend the World Economic Forum in which international financier George Soros was to join him in a panel discussion. This fuelled further rumours that it was in fact George Soros who had fallen off a horse while mountain climbing in Swizerland, when in fact it was Jacque Chirac who had fallen off the stairs in the Champs Elysee on his way to greet Mahathir. Politicians and local journalists, meanwhile, fell all over themselves trying to convince Malaysians not to listen to rumours.†

UMNO organised APCET riot

Former UMNO Youth leader Saifuddin Nasution publicly apologised for leading a 1000-strong mob that stormed and violently broke up the Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor II (APCET II) conference in October 1996. A couple of the UMNO demonstrators were arrested and released the same day, while 59 of their victims were detained for a number of weeks or deported.

Riot police warmly greet demonstrators outside the High Court in Kuala Lumpur

The revelation comes just weeks after Prime Minister Mahahthir Mohamad praised demonstrators who clashed with riot police at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) meeting in Seattle last November. "This proves conclusively that our government is fully committed to freedom of assembly as a basic human right," said FRU officer Ling Ban Tai as he battered a pro-Anwar demonstrator with his truncheon outside the courthouse of the Anwar Ibrahim trial.

Meanwhile, it is rumoured that the WTO has purchased the rights to the series of Barisan Nasional advertisements that appeared prior to the General Elections last year. It is believed the WTO will be running the BNís "Donít let mob rule lead us", "Donít let anarchy rule" and "Donít let violence triumph" ads in newspapers at all forthcoming WTO meetings in the future.