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February 29, 2000

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Mahathir home from holidays

UMNO organised APCET riot

Millenium jump team makes second attempt for the Pole

UMNO to target youth

More efforts to eradicate Bahasa Baku

ISA does not erode human rights

Rafidah explains share allotments to son-in-law

Foreigners out to recolonise us invade our borders

High tech boost for schoolkids

UMNO Supreme Council urges Ku Li to keep promise

FEATURE: 30 Dalils why Mahathir cannot be a witness at the Anwar Ibrahim trial

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High tech boost for schoolkids

The Deputy Education Minister Hon Choon Kim this month proposed to lighten the load children had to carry to school every day by replacing books with RM200 laptop computers that did not have keyboards. As a follow-up to this brilliant suggestion, the Ministry is also looking at plans to completely do away with crowded and dangerous school buses and, instead, have school children directly 'beamed up' to schools from their homes using transporter technology from Star Trek. 

Old-fashioned classrooms will also be replaced with used Holodecks from the Starship Enterprise and Mr Data androids will be manufactured to replace human teachers. When asked how the Minister had come across this RM200 keyboardless laptop technology, Ministry officials admitted he probably confused laptops with Brick Game consoles.


New school buses (above) to be introduced, in addition to keyboardless laptops (right)

UMNO Supreme Council hopes Ku Li will keep his promise

The UMNO Supreme Council this month urged Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to keep his promise of not contesting for the top two posts at the party polls this May. Prime Minister and UMNO President Mahahtir Mohamad also said he believed that Razaleigh will "stick to his statement'. Razaleigh had earlier made a statement that he had no plans to contest either of the top two ruling party posts but raised some speculation when he started giggling and crossing his fingers as he was issuing the statement. Some Mahathir loyalists are now seeking a written statement from the Kelantan Prince signed in blood. 

"I promise not to contest ... 
cross my hat .."