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February 29, 2000

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Mahathir home from holidays

UMNO organised APCET riot

Millenium jump team makes second attempt for the Pole

UMNO to target youth

More efforts to eradicate Bahasa Baku

ISA does not erode human rights

Rafidah explains share allotments to son-in-law

Foreigners out to recolonise us invade our borders

High tech boost for schoolkids

UMNO Supreme Council urges Ku Li to keep promise

FEATURE: 30 Dalils why Mahathir cannot be a witness at the Anwar Ibrahim trial

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ISA does not erode human rights

Home Ministry officials this month denied that the Internal Security Act (ISA) erodes human rights, as the government did not use it on the basis of hatred or revenge but in the interests of the people as a whole. "So what if most of those detained in recent years were Opposition supporters or people the government didn’t like - it was purely coincidental," said Ministry official Isa bin Isa. He said that the ISA in fact recognised the basic human right of Malaysians not to go into court and added that most people welcomed being detained without trial rather than going through the court process. "Some people really do have a deep, morbid fear of appearing before court – look at our Prime Minister."

Morbid fear of appearing before court

Rafidah explains share allotments to son-in-law

International Trade and Industry Minister Rafidah Aziz this month explained at length how she was not involved in the allotment of RM 1.5 million worth of shares to her son-in-law, raising speculation that she was involved in the allotment of RM 1.5 million worth of shares to her son-in-law. "She denies being involved?" said UMNO backbencher who refused to be named. "Damn. I thought that she was clean as a whistle, now she's gone and denied things." Rafidah had said that the committee which looks at share allotment, of which she is a member, do not  investigate the person’s origin, whether he is from the ruling party or opposition. "Let’s be fair – she probably did not realise that the name on that application was her son-in-law’s' said another UMNO backbencher Aziz Bodek.

Meanwhile, police are still conducting investigations on the police report on this issue filed by Parti Keadilan Nasional Youth Chief Ezam Mohd Noor nearly a year ago. 'We have just completed stapling the police report and its documents and are now in the process of purchasing a few nice, pink manila folders for it,' said an investigating officer who refused to be named. 'We are also re-typing all the documents but unfortunately our clerk recently crushed her fingers while parachuting over the South Pole, so will have to wait for her to recover before we can actually file the report. We also need to order a new filing cabinet as soon as that is  done – perhaps construct a new building for the filing cabinet as well. In the meantime, we will  ensure the speedy investigation of the 345,398 other reports that are ahead of it and we can assure you that actual investigations will begin well before the third millennium.'

Rafidah indicating to 
reporters approximately 
how many million 

ringgit was involved

The Israeli ping pong team arrive 
in Port Klang
Foreigners out to recolonise us invade our borders

Dark warnings from the Prime Minister that evil foreigners are plotting to re-colonise us became true this month with the arrival of two invasion forces from the US and Israel. The US Navy’s nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, USS John C. Stennis berthed at Klang’s North Port this month and a contingent of Israeli commandos arrived in Kuala Lumpur disguised as innocent ping-pong players taking part in the World Team Table Tennis Championships. The  government is planning to repel this unprovoked attack on Malaysian sovereignty with another  wave of arrests of Opposition party supporters.