The Bridge is located at the front of the Main Deck and consists of a number of main consoles and auxiliary consoles.In the centre of the bridge are the senior officers' chairs and Tactical Station. Feel free to have a seat in the Captain's Chair and take a snapshot! The tactical station has console displays that provide information on various aspects of tactical operations, including notecards on the ship's weapons systems such as photon torpedoes and phasers, as well as defensive systems such as the deflector shield. Note the red buttons on the tactical station that will sound red alert, battle stations, shields and firing of weapons. Feel free to click on these red buttons and activate the required tactical response to any oncoming threats!

In front of the Bridge are two large Viewer Screens. One Viewer Screen features a running slide show displaying images of almost every Class of Federation starship and shuttlecraft found in the Trek Universe. A second Viewer Screen features ship Classes from non-Federation fleets, such as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Xindi and the Borg. You may wait for these images to be displayed on the Viewer Screen, or click on the Viewer Screen to display the next image.In front of the Viewer screens are two console displays - one console contains dozens of images of the Starships displayed in the Main Deck for you to download. The other console contains detailed engineering schematics of many of these starships for your viewing.

At various points along the walls of the main bridge, you will also see the various auxilliary stations that are found in a typical Federation starship, including the Conn, Ops, science station and engineering. Clicking on any of these consoles will display information about the role and functions of these various stations in starship operations.