The Museum consists of three floors or decks - the Main Deck (which is at the top), the Engineering Deck (in the middle) and the Lower Deck (at the bottom). Each of those decks are, in turn, organised into various sections as outlined below. To get the most enjoyment out of your tour of the museum, it is advised that you start at the top in the Main Deck and work your way downwards.

You can navigate up or down the various decks of the Museum by using the stairs provided in the corridors. Alternatively, transporters are also located at the far end of each deck, so that you can easily be teleported from one deck to another. To operate the transporters, just stand in the transporter beam leading to the required deck and click on the beam.

There have been no known cases yet of transporter accidents occuring in the Museum, so don't hesitate to use the transporters - it IS the safest way to travel!