The Conference Room is located immediately after the Bridge. At the front of the room is an interactive Intrepid-class Helmsman Training Programme consisting of 25 lessons. Starting from Lesson 1, use the blue 'Next' and 'Back' arrow keys on the wall Viewer to navigate through to Lesson 25 at the end.  

Have you ever wondered how Star Trek technology has changed your life? At the back of the Conference Room, there is a display of various Star Trek technologies that are being utilised today in 21st Century Earth, with Notecards and images on how, for example, the Enterprise Communicator has evolved into the modern day cell phone!

As yet another service to Second Life's Star Trek and science communities, the Conference Room also houses a public Noticeboard. This Noticeboard is for the free use of the Star Trek and science communities here in SL. If you or your Group would like to make a non-commercial announcement to the public on this Noticeboard (for example, of events or meetings), please IM Sabri Piccard with details. We will be happy to help with notice designs.