This section features wall displays on various aspects of Starfleet Command. These include general information on Starfleet as well as individual displays on the various Divisions of Starfleet - Command, Operations, Engineering, Science, Security, Tactical, Medical and Communications. In addition, there is information on the corresponding roles and responsibilities of these Divisions in SL STARFLEET. To the left of the main display are displays of a number of famous Captains and  Executive Officers from Starfleet's long and illustrious history.

For the more tactically-minded among you, there is a special section in the Starfleet Academy annexe with exhibits on Starfleet Battle Tactics. All of Starfleet's documented attack manoeuvres and evasive patterns are explained here, with separate exhibits and detailed tactical diagrams on manoeuvres ranging from the famous Picard Manoeuvre to the lesser known Cochrane Deceleration Manoeuvre. So if your Captain now tells you to execute attack pattern Delta 2, you'll know exactly what to do! There are also wall displays on the different types of personal equipment used by Starfleet personnel, such as tricorders, PADDs, phasers and communicators.  

Finally, there is a wall display of the different Starfleet uniforms in use over the years. There is also a display next to do this where you can obtain your very own FREE Star Trek uniform and other free gifts from the Star Trek Museum of Science, such as tricorders, PADDs and commbadges. Just click on this display and select from the Notecard displayed your choice of Next  Generation or Voyager uniform.

The Museum's armoury is also located in this room. Please note that the hand phasers stored here are for emergency use by the Star Trek Science Museum's Security personnel ONLY, in the event of an intruder alert in the Museum. They are NOT accessible to members of the public.